Kendrick Perkins Wife, All The Details You Need To Know!

Kendrick Perkins is a former NBA player turned sports analyst for ESPN. Known for his strong defensive skills and leadership on the court, Perkins has built a substantial net worth of $28 million as of …

Kendrick Perkins is a former NBA player turned sports analyst for ESPN. Known for his strong defensive skills and leadership on the court, Perkins has built a substantial net worth of $28 million as of 2023. He made his entry into the NBA straight out of high school, playing for teams like the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and New Orleans Pelicans. His career highlight came in 2008 when he won an NBA championship with the Celtics.

What Were Kendrick Perkins’ Achievements?

Despite not earning individual accolades in the NBA, Perkins was highly regarded as a promising player from his high school days. He was a McDonald’s All-American, a First-team Parade All-American, and named Texas Mr. Basketball. Over his 16-year career, he averaged 5.4 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game.

Who is Vanity Alpough?

Vanity Alpough is the supportive and entrepreneurial wife of Kendrick Perkins. Born in July 1985 in Port Arthur, Texas, she attended Memorial High School. Vanity pursued higher education, reportedly attending Middlesex University in England, although she has mentioned in interviews that she also studied in Boston during Kendrick’s tenure with the Celtics.

What Does Vanity Alpough Do?

Vanity Alpough is a versatile businesswoman and real estate agent. After Kendrick’s retirement, she ventured into various business activities. Vanity runs an online store called Vanity Forever, specializing in ladies’ hair and accessories. She also launched a dating app named WinknLink in 2021. Additionally, she works with Keller Williams Realty, a prominent real estate company in Texas.

How Did Vanity and Kendrick Perkins Meet?

Vanity Alpough and Kendrick Perkins started dating in high school and have been together ever since. Their relationship, which began in their teenage years, culminated in marriage on July 25, 2009. They tied the knot at Carlton Woods Country Club, solidifying their long-term commitment to each other.

How Many Children Do They Have?

The couple is blessed with four children. Their first son, Kendrick Perkins Jr., was born in 2007, before they got married. Their second son, Kenxton, was born on October 11, 2011. In 2015, they welcomed twins, Kanter and Zoey. The Perkins family enjoys spending time together, especially after Kendrick’s retirement from professional basketball.

How Does Vanity Alpough Balance Family and Career?

Vanity has managed to balance her family life with her business ventures successfully. Since Kendrick’s retirement, the family has been able to spend more quality time together. Vanity shared in an interview that they have been enjoying family activities, working out together, and supporting Kendrick in his role at ESPN.

What Are Vanity Alpough’s Business Ventures?

Vanity has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit through various ventures. She delayed starting her own business during Kendrick’s playing career due to the frequent relocations required by the NBA. Now settled, she has successfully launched Vanity Forever, her online store. She is also active in the real estate industry with Keller Williams Realty and has innovated in the tech space with her dating app, WinknLink.

How Does Vanity Support Her Children?

Vanity is deeply involved in her children’s lives, especially in their sporting activities. She expressed pride in her son’s potential to become a successful basketball player, emphasizing her support for his ambitions. She attends practices and games, ensuring her children have the guidance and encouragement they need to pursue their passions.

How Has Vanity Been a Supportive Partner?

Throughout Kendrick’s NBA career and beyond, Vanity has been a steadfast support system. The couple’s relationship has withstood the challenges of frequent team changes and the pressures of professional sports. Vanity’s unwavering support and adaptability have been crucial in maintaining their strong bond.


Vanity Alpough is more than just the wife of former NBA player Kendrick Perkins. She is a dedicated mother, a successful businesswoman, and a supportive partner. Her journey alongside Kendrick, from high school sweethearts to a stable and loving family, showcases the strength and resilience of their relationship. Vanity’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her family highlight her as a remarkable individual, balancing various roles with grace and determination.

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