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Mary Jane Thomas, the wife of country music star Hank Williams Jr., tragically passed away on March 22. The cause of her death has been revealed as a collapsed lung punctured during an elective surgical …

Mary Jane Thomas, the wife of country music star Hank Williams Jr., tragically passed away on March 22. The cause of her death has been revealed as a collapsed lung punctured during an elective surgical procedure the previous day. This information was confirmed by a report from the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner and an autopsy report, both obtained by PEOPLE. The death was classified as accidental.

What Happened During the Surgery?

Thomas, 58, underwent a series of elective cosmetic procedures at Bafitis Plastic Surgery in Jupiter, Florida. These included liposuction and the removal of breast implants, followed by a fat transfer as part of a breast lift. According to the autopsy, her lung collapsed when the surgeon accidentally punctured the parietal pleura, a membrane attached to the chest wall that helps in the formation and removal of pleural fluid.

How Did the Events Unfold After the Surgery?

After being cleared for the procedures by her physician in Nashville, Thomas traveled to Florida for the surgery. She was released from the surgical facility around 7 p.m. on March 21 and moved to a recovery facility. The next day, despite being able to sit up and speak normally, she suddenly became unresponsive. Thomas was rushed to a local hospital where she died in the emergency room.

What Were the Findings of the Autopsy Report?

The autopsy report revealed several other health conditions that Thomas had at the time of her death. These included mild brain swelling, mild coronary artery disease, and fatty metamorphosis of the liver—a condition often found in individuals with a history of alcoholism. The report also noted that her surgeon had stated her vitals were normal post-surgery, and she had been administered Lovenox, an anticoagulant.

Who Was Mary Jane Thomas?

Mary Jane Thomas was a former model who lived in Nashville. She met Hank Williams Jr. in 1985 at one of his concerts, and the couple married in 1990. They had two children, daughter Katherine and son Samuel. Tragically, their daughter Katherine died in a car crash in 2020. Thomas was known for her vibrant personality, beauty, and warmth, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who knew her.

How Did Her Family React to Her Passing?

Sam Williams, Mary Jane’s 25-year-old son, paid a touching tribute to his mother in a statement to PEOPLE. He described her as a “beautiful soul” who had a gentle and giving spirit. He fondly remembered her ability to light up a room with her presence and smile, and her knack for befriending everyone she met. Sam also recalled her love for hunting and her skill in taking down a ten-point buck while still being able to prepare dinner for her grandchildren.

What Was Mary Jane Thomas’s Background?

Mary Jane Thomas had a rich history of competing in baton twirling and cheerleading. She was also one of Hawaiian Tropic’s top models. Her beauty and charm captivated Hank Williams Jr. when they met in the early 1980s, and their love story spanned decades filled with travel, hunting, and family life.

Who Survives Mary Jane Thomas?

Mary Jane Thomas is survived by her husband, Hank Williams Jr., her parents Ramona and Bill, her brother Andy, her sister Angela, her son Samuel, and her three grandchildren: Beau Weston, Tennyson Hiram, and Audrey Jane. Her legacy continues through her family and the many lives she touched with her kindness and vibrant spirit.

What Was the Public Reaction to Her Death?

The public and fans of Hank Williams Jr. expressed their condolences and shared in the family’s grief. The sudden and tragic nature of her death, combined with her well-known kindness and vibrant personality, resonated deeply with many. Her death also highlighted the potential risks associated with elective surgical procedures, drawing attention to the importance of surgical safety and thorough post-operative care.


Mary Jane Thomas’s death is a tragic reminder of the unforeseen risks that can accompany even elective medical procedures. Her passing leaves a void in the lives of her family and friends, but her memory continues to inspire those who knew her. As her family navigates this difficult time, they are supported by the love and memories they shared with Mary Jane, a remarkable woman whose impact will not be forgotten.

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