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Kevin De Bruyne is a highly decorated soccer star known for his exceptional skills as a midfielder. Since joining Manchester City in 2015, he has been instrumental in the team’s success, helping secure five Premier …

Kevin De Bruyne is a highly decorated soccer star known for his exceptional skills as a midfielder. Since joining Manchester City in 2015, he has been instrumental in the team’s success, helping secure five Premier League titles. Kevin’s talent and dedication have earned him the Premier League Player of the Year award twice, solidifying his place among the elite players in the sport.

Where Did Kevin De Bruyne Start His Career?

Kevin De Bruyne began his professional soccer career in his native Belgium, playing for Genk. His impressive performances caught the attention of international clubs, leading to his move to the Premier League with Chelsea. Although his time at Chelsea was short, it paved the way for his transfer to Wolfsburg in Germany in 2014. His tenure at Wolfsburg was significant not only for his career but also for his personal life, as it was during this period that he met his future wife, Michèle.

How Did Kevin and Michèle Meet?

The love story between Kevin and Michèle De Bruyne started in a modern way—through Twitter. In 2014, while Kevin was on loan at Werder Bremen, he tweeted about a match, which Michèle liked. Encouraged by a friend, Kevin sent her a message, and they began getting to know each other through text. This digital connection blossomed into a beautiful relationship.

When Did Kevin and Michèle Get Married?

Kevin proposed to Michèle in December 2016 at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The couple tied the knot on June 26, 2017, in a picturesque ceremony in Sorrento, Italy. Their wedding day was a celebration of their love and commitment, marked by heartfelt social media posts from both Kevin and Michèle, expressing their joy and pride in becoming husband and wife.

How Many Children Do Kevin and Michèle Have?

Kevin and Michèle De Bruyne are proud parents of three children. They discovered Michèle was pregnant with their first child during the 2015 transfer window, a stressful time for the family. Their eldest son, Mason Milian, was born in March 2016. They welcomed their second son, Rome, in October 2018, and their daughter, Suri, in September 2020. Kevin often shares his admiration for Michèle as a mother, celebrating her on social media with heartfelt messages.

How Does Michèle Support Kevin’s Career?

Michèle De Bruyne is a constant support to her husband, Kevin, in his professional soccer career. She often attends his matches, celebrating his victories and comforting him in defeat. Michèle’s support extends beyond the club level; she is also present during Kevin’s international duties. Her Instagram posts frequently showcase her pride in Kevin’s achievements and her unwavering support for his endeavors on and off the field.

What Is Michèle’s Involvement in Charity Work?

Michèle is actively involved in charity work alongside Kevin. The couple participates in various charitable activities, including visiting children in hospitals and supporting fundraising initiatives. In December 2019, they took part in Roc Nation Sports’ “Kicks for Kids” campaign, bringing joy to children in a Manchester hospital. Michèle’s commitment to giving back is evident in her social media posts, where she shares their experiences and the impact of their efforts.

What Is Michèle’s Role in the Secret Society Podcast?

Michèle co-hosts the Secret Society podcast, a platform that offers “your dose of girl talk.” The podcast, conducted in Dutch, features conversations with Dutch and Belgian celebrities and creatives. Notable guests have included actress Lize Feryn, DJ and model Luna Stevens, and photographer Marie Wynants. Through this podcast, Michèle explores various topics, providing listeners with engaging and insightful content.

Did Kevin and Michèle Star in a Commercial Together?

Yes, Kevin and Michèle De Bruyne starred in a McDonald’s Belgium commercial in March 2023. The humorous clip shows the couple navigating the drive-thru, mistaking a friendly wave from an employee as special treatment for their celebrity status. The commercial highlights their playful personalities and was well-received by fans, adding a fun element to their public image.

How Does Kevin De Bruyne Honor Michèle?

Kevin often expresses his gratitude and love for Michèle publicly. In interviews and social media posts, he credits her with having a profound impact on his life, both personally and professionally. In a 2019 interview with The Players’ Tribune, Kevin described Michèle as the most important person in his life, acknowledging her support and the positive changes she brought to his world. His heartfelt tributes to her on anniversaries and special occasions showcase the deep bond they share.

Kevin De Bruyne’s story is not just about his success on the soccer field but also about his supportive and loving family life with Michèle. Their journey together, from a Twitter encounter to building a beautiful family, is a testament to their strong relationship and mutual support.

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