Zeus Collins Wife, Who Is Zeus Collins Wife?, Know All The Details Here!

Zeus Collins is a well-known Filipino dancer and television personality who gained fame as a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother 737 five years ago. Since then, he has continued to capture the hearts of many …

Zeus Collins is a well-known Filipino dancer and television personality who gained fame as a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother 737 five years ago. Since then, he has continued to capture the hearts of many as a member of It’s Showtime’s all-male group, Hashtags. With his swooning good looks, impressive dancing skills, chiseled physique, and sense of humor, Zeus has amassed a large following of admirers.

How Did Zeus Collins and Pauline Redondo Meet?

Zeus Collins met his fiancée, Pauline Redondo, in a chance encounter that neither expected. It happened at a restaurant where Pauline was celebrating her graduation day with her family. Zeus recounted that Pauline’s cousin recognized him and approached him for a picture. This led to a friendly interaction, and the two eventually got to know each other. From this serendipitous meeting, their relationship blossomed into a beautiful love story.

How Did Zeus Announce His Relationship with Pauline?

In March 2020, Zeus first introduced Pauline to his followers on Instagram with a heartwarming montage of their trip to Northern Blossoms Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet. The video showed the couple walking hand-in-hand through rows of blooming flowers, enjoying the breathtaking views. He captioned the post with the sweet words, “Simple lang ang gusto ko ‘yun ay ang makasama ka [sic],” which means “I just want to be with you.” This public declaration of love marked the beginning of many adorable and romantic posts that the couple would share.

How Did the Pandemic Affect Their Relationship?

Like many others, Zeus and Pauline faced challenges during the pandemic. However, their relationship only grew stronger as they spent more time together. With the lockdown restrictions in place, the couple kept busy by taking on various TikTok challenges and creating content for their YouTube channel. This time together helped them bond and cope with the difficulties brought about by the pandemic.

How Did Zeus Collins Propose to Pauline Redondo?

Zeus Collins proposed to Pauline Redondo in a memorable and public manner during the Star Magic 30th All-Star Games on May 22, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The proposal took place during the fourth quarter of the main basketball game between Team Showtime and Team Star Magic. Zeus faked an injury, prompting Pauline to rush to his side. As she checked on him, he stood up and delivered a heartfelt speech, asking her to marry him. Pauline, surprised and emotional, repeatedly said “yes” to the delight of everyone present.

How Did Zeus Plan the Proposal?

In an interview with PUSH after the game, Zeus revealed that it didn’t take him long to plan the proposal. He shared that the idea came to him spontaneously one night when he couldn’t sleep. After praying and thinking it through, he decided to propose during the All-Star Games. Despite his nerves, he was overjoyed when Pauline said yes, marking the start of a new chapter in their lives.

What Makes Pauline Redondo an Ideal Partner?

While not much is publicly known about Pauline Redondo, Zeus has shared that her simplicity, kindness, patience, and faithfulness in God make her an ideal partner for him. These qualities were evident to him from their very first date and have continued to strengthen their relationship. Zeus appreciates her supportive nature and the way she complements his life.

How Have Zeus and Pauline Celebrated Their Relationship?

Throughout their relationship, Zeus and Pauline have celebrated their love with numerous trips and special occasions. Once travel restrictions were lifted, they seized the opportunity to go on various getaways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant moments. Their social media feeds are filled with sweet and adorable moments, capturing the joy they find in each other’s company.

What Does the Future Hold for Zeus and Pauline?

As Zeus and Pauline prepare for their future together, they look forward to continuing their journey as a couple. With their engagement, they have shown their commitment to each other and their readiness to face whatever life brings their way. Their love story, filled with sweet moments and heartfelt declarations, serves as an inspiration to many.


Zeus Collins and Pauline Redondo’s love story is one of serendipity, growth, and unwavering support. From their chance meeting to their recent engagement, their relationship has been marked by love, faith, and mutual respect. As they move forward, their story continues to inspire fans and followers, proving that true love can flourish even in the most unexpected circumstances.

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