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Blake Anderson, born on March 24, 1969, is a distinguished American football coach and former player known for his resilience and success. His journey in football began as a player, first as a quarterback and …

Blake Anderson, born on March 24, 1969, is a distinguished American football coach and former player known for his resilience and success. His journey in football began as a player, first as a quarterback and then as a wide receiver at Baylor University. However, an ACL injury redirected his path, leading him to transfer to Sam Houston State University, where he excelled as a wide receiver from 1989 to 1991. This experience gave him a deep understanding of the game and ignited his passion for coaching.

How Did Anderson’s Coaching Career Start?

After obtaining a degree in kinesiology from Sam Houston State in 1992 and a master’s degree in sports administration from Eastern New Mexico University in 1994, Anderson embarked on a remarkable coaching career. His early coaching roles included positions as a graduate assistant at Eastern New Mexico and various other universities. He steadily climbed the coaching ranks, showcasing his expertise and dedication.

What Were His Roles as an Offensive Coordinator?

Blake Anderson served as an offensive coordinator at several universities, including the University of North Carolina and the University of Southern Mississippi. These positions allowed him to hone his skills in play-calling and strategy, further solidifying his reputation as a knowledgeable and effective coach.

How Did He Make His Mark as a Head Coach?

Anderson’s true impact was felt when he became a head coach. From 2014 to 2020, he led Arkansas State University to prominence, securing two Sun Belt championships. His leadership and coaching acumen were evident as he consistently kept the team competitive and successful. In 2021, Anderson took on the role of head coach at Utah State University and led the team to a Mountain West championship, further cementing his status as a respected figure in college football.

Who Was Blake Anderson’s First Wife?

Blake Anderson’s first wife was Wendy Anderson. Their relationship was marked by love and shared experiences in the world of college football. Tragically, in August 2019, Wendy passed away after a courageous battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her passing deeply affected Blake and prompted him to take a temporary leave of absence from his coaching duties.

How Did Blake Anderson Cope with the Loss?

The loss of Wendy was profound for Blake Anderson. However, he found love again and remarried in March 2021 to Brittany Anderson. This new chapter in his personal life brought some comfort and joy, allowing him to continue his coaching career with renewed energy and focus.

How Many Children Does Blake Anderson Have?

Blake Anderson has five children from his two marriages. With his first wife, Wendy Anderson, he has three children: Coleton, Callie, and Cason. With his current wife, Brittany, he has two children: Collins and Ellison. Balancing his personal and professional life, Anderson remains dedicated to his family and career.

What is the USU Coach Blake Anderson’s Salary?

Blake Anderson’s salary as the head coach of Utah State University reflects his experience and success in college football. While specific figures may vary, his compensation package is competitive, recognizing his contributions and achievements in leading the team to championships and maintaining high standards.

What Are Some Highlights of His Coaching Career?

Blake Anderson’s coaching career is marked by several highlights. Starting as a graduate assistant at Eastern New Mexico in 1992, he steadily rose through the ranks. His notable roles as an offensive coordinator at the University of North Carolina and Southern Mississippi showcased his strategic prowess. However, his most significant achievements came as a head coach, where he led Arkansas State to multiple conference championships and guided Utah State to a Mountain West championship in his first year.

How Has He Contributed to Collegiate Football?

Anderson’s contributions to collegiate football are substantial. His ability to lead teams to success, develop players, and implement effective strategies has made him a respected figure in the sport. His resilience and dedication, especially in the face of personal challenges, demonstrate his commitment to excellence.

What is His Coaching Philosophy?

Blake Anderson’s coaching philosophy revolves around resilience, dedication, and strategic excellence. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the game’s intricacies and developing players’ skills and character. His approach has consistently brought success to the teams he coaches, earning him respect from peers and players alike.


Blake Anderson’s journey from a player to a distinguished coach is a testament to his resilience, expertise, and passion for football. His career is marked by significant achievements, including leading teams to championships and developing players’ potential. Despite personal challenges, Anderson continues to excel, balancing his roles as a coach and a dedicated family man. His story inspires many in the world of sports, exemplifying the values of perseverance and dedication.


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