Rob Riggle Wife, Who Is Tiffany, The Estranged Wife Of Rob Riggle?

Tiffany Riggle is an accomplished interior designer based in Los Angeles. She owns Tickled Crow Consulting & Design, where she showcases her talent and creativity in interior design. Before establishing her own firm, Tiffany had …

Tiffany Riggle is an accomplished interior designer based in Los Angeles. She owns Tickled Crow Consulting & Design, where she showcases her talent and creativity in interior design. Before establishing her own firm, Tiffany had a successful career as a fashion buyer in Manhattan, working for prestigious department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. Her expertise in fashion and design has been recognized in various platforms, including Sotheby’s Homes and the show “Working the Room.”

How Did Tiffany Riggle Meet Rob Riggle?

Tiffany met Rob Riggle through a mutual friend who invited her out for drinks. Their first meeting left a lasting impression on Rob. He recounted to the Kansas City Star how he was initially nervous but managed to win her over with his humor. Rob’s ability to make Tiffany laugh was a pivotal moment in their budding relationship. The couple eventually married and share two children, Abigail and George Riggle.

What Allegations Has Rob Riggle Made Against Tiffany?

Rob Riggle has made serious allegations against his estranged wife, Tiffany. According to court documents reported by TMZ, Rob accused Tiffany of hacking into his online accounts, stealing $28,000, and spying on him using a hidden video camera. The money reportedly went missing from Rob’s home office at a smaller residence where he was staying, while Tiffany lived in another family home with their children.

How Did Rob Discover the Alleged Spying?

Rob Riggle became suspicious when he noticed that Tiffany seemed to have detailed knowledge of conversations that took place in his home. To confirm his suspicions, Rob and his girlfriend reportedly planted false information to see if it would leak, which it allegedly did. This prompted Rob to have his home searched for bugging devices in April. During the search, a hidden spy camera was found in a smoke detector, containing a memory card with over 10,000 videos with sound.

What Evidence Does Rob Riggle Have?

Rob Riggle claimed that one of the videos showed Tiffany installing the spy camera on a ladder, while another clip allegedly showed her sitting on the floor of his home office counting money, which he believes to be the missing $28,000. These videos have become a crucial part of the evidence Rob is using to support his allegations.

What Legal Actions Has Rob Taken?

In response to these allegations, Rob Riggle filed a temporary restraining order against Tiffany, which was granted by a judge. He also requested that a forensic expert oversee the alleged spy footage. The case is ongoing, with another hearing scheduled for July. These legal steps indicate the seriousness of Rob’s accusations and his determination to address the situation through the court system.

What Is Rob Riggle’s Net Worth?

Rob Riggle has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has amassed his fortune primarily through his career in Hollywood, starring in various films and television shows. In addition to his entertainment career, Rob has also served as a US Marine Corps Reserve officer, which has contributed to his overall wealth and public persona.

How Has This Situation Affected Rob and Tiffany’s Relationship?

The allegations and ensuing legal battles have undoubtedly strained the relationship between Rob and Tiffany Riggle. The couple, once united by love and shared family, now find themselves entangled in a contentious legal dispute. The accusations of theft, hacking, and spying have created a complex and challenging situation for both parties, affecting not only their personal lives but also their public images.

What Does the Future Hold for Rob and Tiffany Riggle?

As the case progresses, the future for Rob and Tiffany Riggle remains uncertain. The scheduled hearing in July will likely bring more clarity to the situation. Regardless of the outcome, both Rob and Tiffany will need to navigate the aftermath of these allegations and find a way to move forward, whether through continued legal action or eventual resolution.

How Are Their Children Affected?

The ongoing legal dispute between Rob and Tiffany Riggle also impacts their children, Abigail and George. As with any family undergoing such challenges, the well-being of the children is a primary concern. Both parents will need to consider the emotional and psychological effects on their children and strive to provide them with stability and support during this difficult time.


The allegations against Tiffany Riggle by her estranged husband Rob Riggle have brought to light a complex and contentious situation. Accusations of hacking, theft, and spying have led to legal actions and a temporary restraining order. As the case unfolds, the future of their relationship and the well-being of their family hang in the balance. Rob Riggle’s net worth and successful career add another layer to this high-profile case, making it a topic of significant public interest.

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