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Brigitte Macron, born Brigitte Trogneux on April 13, 1953, in Amiens, France, is the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron. Before becoming France’s First Lady, Brigitte had a career as a teacher and was known …

Brigitte Macron, born Brigitte Trogneux on April 13, 1953, in Amiens, France, is the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron. Before becoming France’s First Lady, Brigitte had a career as a teacher and was known for her work in drama and literature. Her relationship with Emmanuel Macron has been a subject of public interest due to their significant age difference and the unique nature of their meeting and subsequent relationship.

How Did Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron Meet?

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron first met when he was a student at La Providence, a Catholic high school in Amiens, northern France. Brigitte was a 39-year-old drama teacher at the time, while Emmanuel was just 15. Their connection began through their shared passion for literature and theater. Despite Emmanuel’s parents initially believing he was interested in Brigitte’s daughter, they soon discovered his feelings were for Brigitte herself, leading them to send him to boarding school in Paris.

How Did Their Relationship Develop Over Time?

After Emmanuel left for Paris, he and Brigitte kept in touch through letters and occasional visits. Brigitte was married with three children at the time, and she chose to prioritize her family. It took a decade before Brigitte and Emmanuel would reunite and begin a romantic relationship. This period allowed Brigitte to ensure her children were settled and to come to terms with the societal implications of their age difference.

What Challenges Did Their Age Difference Present?

Brigitte Macron is 25 years older than Emmanuel, and this age gap has been a source of public scrutiny and personal challenges. In an interview with France’s RTL radio station, Brigitte acknowledged the complexities of their relationship, stating, “We are not a model couple. Being a couple is complicated, it’s an everyday struggle.” Despite these challenges, she emphasized that their bond is based on mutual respect and love, and she rejected the term “cougar” as offensive and inaccurate.

What is Brigitte Macron’s Family Background?

Before her marriage to Emmanuel, Brigitte was married to André-Louis Auzière, a banker, with whom she had three children: Sébastien, Laurence, and Tiphaine. She also has seven grandchildren. Brigitte’s children have pursued successful careers, with one becoming a cardiologist, another a lawyer, and the third a statistical engineer. Brigitte has always been committed to her family, and despite the initial difficulties, her children have accepted her relationship with Emmanuel.

When Did Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron Get Married?

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron tied the knot in 2007, a year after she divorced her first husband. Their wedding marked the culmination of a long and unconventional romance. During the ceremony, Emmanuel thanked Brigitte’s children for accepting their “not-quite-normal couple.” Their marriage has since been a partnership of mutual support and shared goals.

How Does Emmanuel Macron View His Relationship with Brigitte?

Emmanuel Macron has often spoken about the integral role Brigitte plays in his life. He describes her as his “anchor,” someone who keeps him grounded and honest. In a 2017 interview with CNN, he emphasized the importance of having a partner who tells the truth and loves him for who he is, not for his public persona. This deep connection and balance are vital to his personal and professional life.

How Do Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron Handle Their Busy Lives?

Despite their demanding schedules, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron make it a priority to spend nights together whenever possible. Brigitte told Elle magazine that it comforts her to have Emmanuel by her side, and she believes he feels the same way. They strive to maintain a normal and fluid relationship, filled with mutual understanding and support.

How Do They Interact with Other World Leaders?

As France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron has met with numerous world leaders and their spouses, including President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. The Bidens and Macrons have shared several moments of camaraderie, with Jill Biden describing her dinner with Brigitte as a meeting between “two friends together, just like sisters.” These interactions underscore the personal connections they foster alongside their diplomatic responsibilities.


Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron’s relationship is a testament to enduring love and partnership. Despite facing public scrutiny and personal challenges, their bond has grown stronger over the years. Brigitte’s role as a supportive and grounding presence in Emmanuel’s life is crucial to his success as a leader. Their story, marked by its unique beginnings and steadfast commitment, continues to inspire and captivate people around the world.

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