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The trad wife trend has taken TikTok by storm, presenting a lifestyle that glorifies traditional gender roles and places homemaking at the forefront. These women, known as trad wives, embrace the idea of being subservient …

The trad wife trend has taken TikTok by storm, presenting a lifestyle that glorifies traditional gender roles and places homemaking at the forefront. These women, known as trad wives, embrace the idea of being subservient to their husbands and consider homemaking a valuable skill. Their content ranges from modest, homegrown aesthetics to modern looks with perfectly set makeup, but they all share a common theme: making the home the woman’s domain.

Why is the Trad Wife Trend Gaining Popularity?

The appeal of trad wife content lies in its presentation of a seemingly simpler, more fulfilling life. Amid the complexities of modern living, these videos offer a refreshing journey back to traditional roles where women are responsible for creating beautiful homes and nurturing their families. This idealized portrayal resonates with many viewers, especially young women who feel overwhelmed by societal pressures.

What Are the Different Brands of Trad Wives on Social Media?

There are various types of trad wives on social media, each with a unique approach. Some trad wives wear modest clothes and grow their own food, while others sport modern attire and immaculate makeup. Despite these differences, their content is consistently palatable and appealing, making the trad wife lifestyle seem like an attainable dream. They create an image of happiness and fulfillment through homemaking, attracting viewers who long for a simpler life.

What Pushback Has the Trad Wife Trend Faced?

Despite its popularity, the trad wife trend has faced significant criticism. Critics argue that this movement is tied to far-right ideologies and fundamentalist religious values that can control women. Jo Piazza, an author and podcast host, highlights the religious underpinnings of the trad wife movement, noting that it often promotes extreme patriarchal views where women are expected to be submissive to their husbands.

How Does Religion Influence the Trad Wife Lifestyle?

While not all trad wives are overtly religious, many of the most prominent figures in the movement are. For instance, Nara Smith and Hannah Neeleman, both Mormons, and Kelly Havens Stickle, a devout Christian, frequently share content that reflects their religious beliefs. These influencers may not always explicitly mention religion, but their adherence to traditional gender roles is often rooted in their faith.

Why Are Young Women Drawn to the Trad Wife Content?

Young women are drawn to trad wife content because it is presented in a beautiful and idealized package on social media. This content offers an attractive alternative to the corporate world, which can seem hostile to women seeking a balance between career and family. The serene, picture-perfect lives of trad wives appear as a solution to the pressures and complexities of modern life, making it an appealing escape.

How Do Trad Wives Present Their Lifestyle?

Trad wives like Nara Smith and Hannah Neeleman showcase their homemaking skills through aesthetically pleasing content. Smith, for example, is known for making elaborate homemade meals for her children, while Neeleman, known as Ballerina Farm, shares her idyllic farm life. These influencers create an image of a peaceful and fulfilling life dedicated to family and home, which many viewers find inspiring.

What Are the Criticisms of the Trad Wife Movement?

While homemaking can bring genuine joy, trad wife content often carries underlying messages about race, class, values, and religion. Tia Levings, a writer and ex-fundamentalist, describes trad wife content as “lifestyle evangelism,” suggesting that it can be a tool for subtly recruiting people to the influencer’s religion by making their lifestyle appear attractive. This portrayal often hides the strict gender roles and control mechanisms that underpin the trad wife ideology.

What Are the Realities Behind the Trad Wife Fantasy?

Jennie, a 49-year-old former trad wife, shares her experiences to dispel the myths of the trad wife fantasy. Raised Mormon and married young, Jennie describes her life as lonely and restrictive. Despite outward appearances, she felt trapped without her own income or career. Her marriage ended after 24 years, leaving her without resources or employment history. Jennie’s story serves as a cautionary tale, urging young women to consider their options before committing to a trad wife lifestyle.

What Can We Learn from Jennie’s Experience?

Jennie’s content on TikTok aims to help young women understand the realities of the trad wife lifestyle. She emphasizes the importance of financial independence and maintaining a career. Jennie advises women to think twice before becoming financially dependent on a man and giving up their careers. Her goal is to show that it is possible to balance family and career without adhering to strict traditional roles.

Conclusion: What Should We Consider About the Trad Wife Trend?

The trad wife trend on TikTok offers a seductive vision of a simpler, more fulfilling life dedicated to homemaking. However, it is essential to recognize the underlying religious and ideological influences that can control women. While there is nothing wrong with embracing homemaking, it is crucial to critically examine the content and consider the broader implications of this lifestyle. As Jennie’s story illustrates, the reality behind the trad wife fantasy can be far more complex and restrictive than it appears.

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