Todd Cohen Net Worth, How Much Money Is Todd Cohen Worth?

When examining the financial landscape of notable figures in the corporate world, Todd Cohen stands out, particularly in relation to his involvement with Intellicheck Inc. As of July 25, 2003, Cohen’s estimated net worth is …

When examining the financial landscape of notable figures in the corporate world, Todd Cohen stands out, particularly in relation to his involvement with Intellicheck Inc. As of July 25, 2003, Cohen’s estimated net worth is at least $2.63 million. This article explores the intricacies of his net worth, stock ownership, and trading activities.

Who is Todd Cohen?

Todd Cohen is recognized for his significant stake in Intellicheck Inc, a technology company specializing in identity verification and authentication solutions. His involvement in the company has drawn attention due to his substantial stock ownership and trading activities.

How Much is Todd Cohen Worth?

As of the latest records, Todd Cohen’s net worth is estimated to be at least $2.63 million. This figure is primarily derived from his holdings in Intellicheck Inc stock, which is valued at over $2.57 million. Additionally, Cohen has made stock trades that contribute to his overall wealth.

What is Intellicheck Inc?

Intellicheck Inc, a prominent name in the field of identity verification, has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technology to combat identity fraud. The company’s solutions are utilized across various industries, including retail, banking, and government sectors. Cohen’s involvement with such a forward-thinking company underscores his strategic investment approach.

How Much Stock Does Todd Cohen Own?

As of July 25, 2003, Cohen owns at least 718,800 units of Intellicheck Inc stock. This significant ownership stake underscores his confidence in the company’s future and his commitment to its growth. The value of these holdings is substantial, contributing over $2.57 million to his net worth.

What Are the Details of Todd Cohen’s Stock Trades?

Todd Cohen’s trading history with Intellicheck Inc stock reveals a strategic approach. According to SEC Form 4 filings, Cohen has made at least one significant trade. On July 25, 2003, he sold 5,000 units of IDN stock for $51,750. This trade stands out as his largest transaction to date.

Why is Todd Cohen’s Trading Activity Noteworthy?

Cohen’s trading activity is noteworthy not only for the size of his trades but also for the timing and frequency. Since 2003, he has averaged trading about 1,250 units every 0 days, indicating a proactive approach to managing his investments. His ability to capitalize on market opportunities reflects his deep understanding of the industry and market dynamics.

How Does Cohen’s Trading History Impact His Net Worth?

Cohen’s trading history has a direct impact on his net worth. By strategically selling portions of his stock holdings, he has been able to realize gains while maintaining a substantial ownership stake in Intellicheck Inc. This balance between trading and holding positions him advantageously in the market.

What Can We Learn from Todd Cohen’s Investment Strategy?

Cohen’s investment strategy offers valuable insights for both novice and seasoned investors. His significant holdings in a tech company specializing in identity verification highlight the importance of investing in innovative and growth-oriented sectors. Additionally, his trading activity demonstrates the potential benefits of a balanced approach between holding long-term positions and capitalizing on short-term opportunities.

What is the Future Outlook for Todd Cohen and Intellicheck Inc?

The future outlook for both Todd Cohen and Intellicheck Inc appears promising. As identity verification continues to be a critical need across industries, Intellicheck Inc is well-positioned to capitalize on this demand. Cohen’s substantial investment in the company indicates his confidence in its continued growth and success.

How Can You Track Todd Cohen’s Financial Activities?

For those interested in following Todd Cohen’s financial activities, SEC filings provide a transparent view of his trades and holdings. Monitoring these filings can offer insights into his investment strategy and potential market moves.

Conclusion: Todd Cohen’s Financial Acumen

Todd Cohen’s net worth and trading history with Intellicheck Inc highlight his financial acumen and strategic investment approach. By maintaining a significant stake in a leading tech company and engaging in timely trades, Cohen exemplifies the potential for success in the stock market. His journey offers valuable lessons for investors looking to navigate the complexities of financial markets.

In summary, Todd Cohen’s involvement with Intellicheck Inc and his substantial net worth underscore his role as a notable figure in the corporate world. His investment strategy, trading history, and continued confidence in the company’s future make him a figure worth watching in the financial landscape.

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