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Matteo Berrettini, the renowned tennis star, is not just making headlines for his performance on the court but also for his relationship with Melissa Satta. Since being linked in early 2023, the couple has captured …

Matteo Berrettini, the renowned tennis star, is not just making headlines for his performance on the court but also for his relationship with Melissa Satta. Since being linked in early 2023, the couple has captured public interest. Here’s a detailed look at their relationship and Melissa Satta’s background.

Who is Matteo Berrettini?

Matteo Berrettini is a prominent Italian tennis player who achieved significant milestones in 2022. He became the first man born in the 1990s or later to reach the quarter-finals in all four major tennis tournaments that season. Known for his powerful serve and athletic prowess, Berrettini has firmly established himself as one of the biggest names in tennis.

How Did Matteo Berrettini Meet Melissa Satta?

Berrettini and Satta were first linked in January 2023 after being photographed together in Italy. They initially met at a mutual friend’s dinner party in Miami. They hit it off, exchanged numbers, and continued their connection through WhatsApp, despite living in different cities—Satta in Milan and Berrettini in Monte Carlo.

Who is Melissa Satta?

Melissa Satta is a well-known TV presenter and model. Born in the United States, she is of Italian descent and began her career on Italian television in the early 2000s. Satta is currently a host on Sky Sports and is scheduled to host the opening ceremony at the 2023 Ryder Cup. Additionally, she is a model represented by Next Models Milan and has appeared in Sports Illustrated’s swimwear issue.

What is Melissa Satta’s Background?

Satta was previously married to soccer player Kevin-Prince Boateng. They started dating in 2011, married in 2016, and had a son named Maddox before their separation in 2019. Despite a brief reconciliation, they ultimately divorced in December 2020. Satta emphasized maintaining a respectful relationship for their son’s sake.

How Has Satta Adapted to Dating Another Athlete?

After her divorce, Satta initially didn’t want to date another athlete. However, meeting Berrettini changed her perspective. She told Vanity Fair Italy that they have a lot in common and are deeply connected. Their relationship is characterized by transparency and honesty, with no pretenses or masks.

How Did Satta and Berrettini Make Their Public Debut?

The couple made their red carpet debut in May 2023 at the amfAR Gala. Their public appearances have included vacations together, and Berrettini has even met Satta’s son, Maddox. Their relationship appears to be strong and supportive, balancing their professional and personal lives.

What is Melissa Satta’s Approach to Parenting?

Satta is a dedicated mother to her son, Maddox. She frequently shares photos and videos of him on Instagram. Satta discussed her son with Berrettini early in their relationship and ensured a connection between them before progressing further. She believes in total sincerity in her relationships, involving her son in all aspects of her life.

How Does Melissa Satta Support Berrettini’s Career?

Satta is a supportive partner, often seen cheering for Berrettini at his matches. In July 2023, she was present at Wimbledon when Berrettini competed. She also supported him during the Miami Open in March 2023, showcasing her commitment to being there for him both on and off the court.

What Do Satta and Berrettini Enjoy Doing Together?

Satta and Berrettini enjoy spending quality time together, whether it’s going out for dinner or singing karaoke. They also cherish quiet evenings at home. Satta prefers early dinners and bedtime routines, aligning with her structured lifestyle, while Berrettini enjoys being romantic, making her coffee in the morning and bringing her roses.


Matteo Berrettini and Melissa Satta’s relationship is a blend of mutual respect, shared interests, and strong support for each other’s careers. Satta, with her vibrant career and dedication to her son, complements Berrettini’s rising tennis stardom. Together, they navigate the challenges and joys of their high-profile lives, building a serene and honest relationship.

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