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Anamaria Goltes was born on April 30, 1998, in Slovenia. She has one younger sister named Pia. Anamaria attended the University of Ljubljana, the oldest and largest university in Slovenia. Her father is also an …

Anamaria Goltes was born on April 30, 1998, in Slovenia. She has one younger sister named Pia. Anamaria attended the University of Ljubljana, the oldest and largest university in Slovenia. Her father is also an alumnus of this university. She attended the School of Economics and Business. Even while living in the United States, she continued her studies virtually, adapting to the time difference by submitting her coursework and assignments first thing in the morning after breakfast.

How Did Luka and Anamaria Meet?

Luka Doncic and Anamaria Goltes first met when they were 12 years old at the seaside in Croatia. They have maintained the same group of friends from that time. Their relationship began in 2016. Anamaria shared in an Instagram Story Q&A that it was Luka’s playful energy that attracted her to him and still does.

What is Anamaria Goltes’ Career?

Anamaria Goltes is a model and influencer. She debuted in the modeling world in 2017 when she became an ambassador for Lisca Lingerie. Shortly after, she signed with Immortal Models Management. She has appeared in several campaigns for Slovenian jeweler Zlatarna Celje and has graced the cover of Cosmopolitan Slovenia. She launched a fashion blog in October 2021 and teased the idea of designing a workout clothing line in July 2020. Recently, she shared a TikTok video showing how she chooses an outfit.

How Did Luka Propose to Anamaria?

Luka Doncic proposed to Anamaria Goltes on July 7, 2023, in Slovenia. This date may be a nod to his jersey number, 77. The romantic proposal was a significant moment in their relationship.

How Do They Manage Their Lives in Dallas?

Luka and Anamaria live together in Dallas. Moving from Slovenia to the United States was a big adjustment for Anamaria. She had to adapt to a new culture and way of thinking. Some of the adjustments included finding local grocery stores, choosing a gym, and making new friends. Despite the challenges, she grew to love Dallas, saying it reminded her of home.

How Do They Support Each Other’s Careers?

Anamaria is Luka’s biggest cheerleader. She often attends his games, wearing his jersey number, 77. Even when she cannot attend, she supports him from home. At the 2023 All-Star game, she wore a custom denim jacket with his name and number. She also accompanied him to the NBA Awards in 2019 when he was named Rookie of the Year.

How Do They Contribute to Charity?

Luka and Anamaria are a team in more ways than one. When Luka’s basketball schedule prevented him from visiting two Slovenian children’s hospitals in December 2022, Anamaria went in his place. She brought holiday-themed balloons to cheer up the children. Luka expressed his hope that the visit brought smiles to their faces and encouraged them during the holidays.

Who is Their Daughter Gabriela?

In early December 2023, Luka and Anamaria welcomed their first child, a daughter named Gabriela. They announced her arrival with a photo on Instagram, captioned “Gabriela 💕.” Luka missed the Mavericks vs. Memphis Grizzlies game on December 1, 2023, to be with Anamaria and Gabriela. On the basketball court, Luka keeps Gabriela close by printing her name and a heart on the midsole of his sneakers.

What is Life Like with Their Three Dogs?

Luka and Anamaria share three dogs: a Pomeranian named Hugo, a White Swiss Shepherd named Gia, and a large breed named Viki. They welcomed Viki into their family in February 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic allowed them to spend quality time together with their dogs. Anamaria appreciated the time spent together, as they are often busy with their individual careers.

How Do They Maintain Their Relationship?

Anamaria believes in maintaining her identity and goals to make their relationship work. She focuses on being happy alone, which she believes makes her a better partner. Moving to a new continent and adapting to a new culture helped her grow as a person and positively impacted her relationship with Luka.

What Are Their Future Plans?

Luka and Anamaria continue to support each other in their personal and professional lives. They are committed to raising their daughter Gabriela together and managing their busy careers. With Anamaria’s modeling and influencing career and Luka’s basketball career, they balance their time to ensure they can enjoy their family life.

Luka Doncic and Anamaria Goltes’ love story is a beautiful journey of childhood friends who grew up to become life partners. Their commitment to each other and their family is evident in everything they do. From supporting each other’s careers to raising their daughter and three dogs, Luka and Anamaria continue to inspire with their strong bond and love for each other.

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