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Annie Kilner and Kyle Walker are a well-known couple in the world of football. Kyle Walker, a professional footballer from Sheffield, is a defender for Manchester City and the England national team. Annie Kilner is …

Annie Kilner and Kyle Walker are a well-known couple in the world of football. Kyle Walker, a professional footballer from Sheffield, is a defender for Manchester City and the England national team. Annie Kilner is a 30-year-old model from Sheffield who has built a successful career in the fashion industry. Despite their high-profile lives, Annie has mostly remained out of the spotlight, focusing on her career and family.

How Did Annie Kilner and Kyle Walker Meet?

Annie and Kyle’s love story began when they were teenagers. They met in Sheffield when Annie was just 16 and Kyle was 19. Their relationship quickly blossomed, and they have been together for over 12 years. During this time, they have faced numerous challenges but have always found a way to reconcile and strengthen their bond.

What Is Annie Kilner’s Background?

Annie Kilner is a successful model signed to Mode Model Management. She has appeared in various fashion catalogues and magazines, including Zoo magazine and The Sun. Annie also made appearances on ITVBe’s “The Real Housewives of Cheshire,” where she was introduced as a close friend of Seema Malhotra. Despite her modeling career and television appearances, Annie has kept a low profile, maintaining her Instagram account as private and focusing on her family life.

How Has Their Relationship Evolved?

Annie and Kyle’s relationship has seen its fair share of ups and downs. They have three sons together: Roman, 10, Riaan, 6, and Reign, 4. Their relationship hit a rough patch in 2019 when Annie discovered Kyle had an affair with reality TV star Laura Brown. The situation worsened in 2020 when news broke that Kyle had attended a sex party during lockdown and fathered a son, Kairo, with another reality TV star, Lauryn Goodman, after a short-term relationship.

Annie was devastated by these revelations. She told The Sun, “He’s a fool for risking his family for this. When he told me I was heartbroken. I also felt physically sick. All the air in your body leaves you. My world completely caved in on me in that second.”

How Did They Overcome Their Challenges?

Despite the betrayal and heartache, Annie and Kyle managed to reconcile. They put their differences behind them and focused on rebuilding their relationship. In early 2022, they married in a secret ceremony. Kyle proposed to Annie with a £250,000 engagement ring, symbolizing their commitment to starting anew. Annie has since been a constant support for Kyle, often seen cheering him on from the stands during his matches.

What Role Does Annie Play in Kyle’s Life?

Annie has been a steadfast pillar of support for Kyle throughout his career. She has stood by him during his professional triumphs and personal challenges. Her presence in his life has provided stability and encouragement, helping him to perform at his best on the field. Annie’s ability to maintain a low profile and focus on her family has allowed Kyle to concentrate on his football career without the distractions that often accompany high-profile relationships.

What Are Some Key Moments in Their Relationship?

One of the significant moments in their relationship was when Annie decided to stand by Kyle despite his infidelities. Her decision to forgive and rebuild their relationship demonstrated her strength and commitment to their family. Their secret wedding in 2022 marked a new chapter in their relationship, symbolizing their fresh start and renewed commitment to each other.

How Does Annie Support Kyle’s Career?

Annie is often seen in the stands, cheering on Kyle during his matches. She was a regular face during the 2018 World Cup and has continued to support him in the 2022 World Cup. Her presence provides Kyle with emotional support and motivation, knowing that his family is behind him every step of the way.

What Is the Future for Annie and Kyle?

The future looks promising for Annie and Kyle. They have overcome significant challenges and have emerged stronger as a couple. With their renewed commitment to each other and their family, they are likely to continue supporting each other in their respective careers. Kyle’s football career continues to thrive, and with Annie by his side, he has the support he needs to excel on and off the field.


Annie Kilner and Kyle Walker’s relationship is a testament to the power of love, forgiveness, and resilience. Despite facing numerous challenges, they have managed to rebuild their relationship and create a stable and supportive family environment. Annie’s unwavering support for Kyle and her ability to maintain a low profile have been crucial in their journey. As they continue to navigate life together, their story serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the strength and commitment required to overcome adversity and build a lasting relationship.

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