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ITV had planned to launch a new series featuring the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of footballers, including Kyle Walker’s former mistress Lauryn Goodman, aged 33. However, the show, which also featured Rita Mahrez, the ex-wife …

ITV had planned to launch a new series featuring the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of footballers, including Kyle Walker’s former mistress Lauryn Goodman, aged 33. However, the show, which also featured Rita Mahrez, the ex-wife of former Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez, has been scrapped due to pending legal matters involving Lauryn. This decision has come as a relief to Annie Walker, Kyle’s wife, who was concerned about the impact of the show on her family.

What Led to the Cancellation of the Show?

The anticipated ITV series featuring footballers’ partners was scrapped due to unresolved legal issues involving Lauryn Goodman. This development was seen as a significant relief for Annie Walker. According to a source quoted by The Sun, “The show’s cancellation is a win for Annie. The last thing she wants is Lauryn being able to parade her dirty laundry on TV. Annie is elated and relieved.”

The Impact of Legal Issues

The production team behind the show decided to cancel the series entirely due to the legal uncertainties. They feared that the show might be halted midway, leading to substantial financial losses without any content to air. The source added, “The wives and girlfriends had all started filming but with the legal issues, the team working on the show said it would be better to axe it totally because they thought it might be stopped — leaving them with a big bill and nothing to show for it.”

Who Is Lauryn Goodman?

Lauryn Goodman, who has two children with defender Kyle Walker, was slated to be one of the main figures on the show. Recently, she took their son Kairo to England’s Euro 2024 match against Denmark, which ended in a 1-1 draw. Goodman has been in the spotlight due to her past relationship with Walker and the children they share.

Annie Walker’s Response

Annie Walker, aged 31, has also been attending matches with three of her four sons with Kyle. Both Annie’s and Lauryn’s children have been seen wearing England No.2 shirts personalized with “Dad.” Despite the public attention, Annie has chosen to maintain a low profile and dignified silence about the situation.

Annie’s Approach to the Matches

Annie has decided to charter private jets to each game rather than stay with other WAGs, preferring to avoid the media circus. Due to family commitments, she was unable to attend the final Group C game against Slovenia in Cologne. The source mentioned, “Annie has hated every moment of Lauryn parading herself around and talking about their family. It has been incredibly difficult for her and she has always maintained a dignified silence. She leaves the matches almost immediately and doesn’t want to be part of the circus.”

The Ongoing Family Drama

At the beginning of the year, it was revealed that Kyle Walker had fathered a second child with Lauryn Goodman. In an exclusive interview with The Sun in January, Kyle expressed regret for betraying Annie, whom he described as his “soul mate.” This revelation added to the ongoing family drama and tension.

The Public’s Reaction

The news of the show’s cancellation and the ongoing issues between Annie, Kyle, and Lauryn have sparked various reactions from the public. Many have sympathized with Annie for her dignified approach and her efforts to shield her family from the media frenzy.

The Other WAGs

While Annie has chosen to keep her distance from the WAG community, others like Jordan Pickford’s wife Megan Pickford and Luke Shaw’s partner Anouska Santos have been spotted enjoying their time. Before the recent game, Megan and Anouska were seen out for a stroll and having lunch, showcasing a more relaxed approach to their public appearances.

The Future for Annie and Kyle Walker

Despite the challenges, Annie and Kyle Walker seem committed to their family. Kyle’s public apology and recognition of Annie as his “soul mate” indicate a desire to move past the controversies and focus on their relationship and children. The cancellation of the ITV show may provide some respite from the public scrutiny, allowing them to navigate their issues more privately.


The cancellation of ITV’s anticipated show due to legal matters involving Lauryn Goodman has been a relief for Annie Walker. The series, which aimed to feature the lives of footballers’ partners, faced potential financial and legal hurdles that led to its termination. Annie, who has maintained a dignified silence throughout the public drama, continues to focus on her family and support her husband, Kyle Walker. As the media spotlight dims, the Walkers may find the space needed to rebuild and strengthen their family bonds away from the public eye.

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