Judge Reinhold Net Worth, Career, Early Life And More

Judge Reinhold, born Edward Ernest Reinhold Jr. on May 21, 1957, in Wilmington, Delaware, is a well-known American actor. He is best known for his roles in popular 80s films such as “Fast Times at …

Judge Reinhold, born Edward Ernest Reinhold Jr. on May 21, 1957, in Wilmington, Delaware, is a well-known American actor. He is best known for his roles in popular 80s films such as “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Gremlins,” “Ruthless People,” and the iconic franchises “The Santa Clause” and “Beverly Hills Cop.” Over his career, Reinhold has appeared in more than 60 movies, making him a familiar face in Hollywood.

What is Judge Reinhold’s Net Worth and Salary?

As of now, Judge Reinhold’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. His wealth comes from his extensive acting career, which spans several decades and includes numerous film and television appearances. Although his exact salary for each role varies, his consistent work in the industry has contributed significantly to his financial standing.

How Did Judge Reinhold’s Career Begin?

Reinhold’s acting career started with a guest appearance on an episode of “Wonder Woman” in 1979. Shortly after, he landed a leading role in the film “Running Scared,” where he portrayed a U.S. soldier. He then appeared in the comedy film “Stripes” and the box-office flop “Pandemonium.” However, his breakthrough role came in 1982 with “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” where he starred alongside then-unknown actors like Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, and Forest Whitaker.

What Were Judge Reinhold’s Major Roles in the 80s?

After “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” Reinhold took on several significant roles. In 1984, he played Detective Billy Rosewood in “Beverly Hills Cop,” where he became friends with Eddie Murphy’s character. This role cemented his status as a notable actor. He also appeared in “Gremlins” and “Ruthless People,” further establishing his reputation for playing the “average Joe” character. Despite a few less successful films, his role in “Beverly Hills Cop II” in 1987 kept him in the spotlight.

What Challenges Did Judge Reinhold Face in His Career?

Despite early success, Reinhold’s career experienced ups and downs. Following the box-office failure of “Vice Versa” in 1988, he struggled to find significant roles. His reputation for being demanding on set also contributed to the difficulty in securing work. However, he continued to take on supporting roles in various films throughout the late 80s and early 90s, maintaining a presence in the industry.

What Was Judge Reinhold’s Role in “The Santa Clause”?

In the mid-90s, Reinhold revived his career with his role as Dr. Neal Miller in “The Santa Clause.” He played this character in the original film and its sequels, contributing to the franchise’s success. This role helped reinvigorate his career and introduced him to a new generation of fans.

What Other Notable Appearances Has Judge Reinhold Made?

Apart from his film roles, Reinhold has appeared in several popular TV shows. He guest-starred in an episode of “Seinfeld” and played a fictional version of himself in “Arrested Development.” In the latter, he humorously portrayed a reality TV judge in a show called “Mock Trial with J. Reinhold.” These appearances showcased his versatility and sense of humor.

What Legal Issues Has Judge Reinhold Faced?

In 2016, Reinhold faced legal trouble when he was arrested for disorderly conduct at Dallas Love Field airport. He reportedly refused to undergo additional screening in a private room and acted belligerently towards TSA workers and police. This incident led to his brief imprisonment for ten hours, after which he accepted an adjudication agreement.

What is Known About Judge Reinhold’s Real Estate Investments?

In March 2015, Reinhold purchased a home in Little Rock, Arkansas, for $126,000. The property, which spans 4,000 square feet, is now estimated to be worth over $1 million. This real estate investment reflects his financial acumen and contributes to his overall net worth.

What is Judge Reinhold’s Personal Life Like?

Judge Reinhold has been married twice. His first marriage to Carrie Frazier lasted from 1985 to 1986. He married his current wife, Amy, in 2000. Despite the ups and downs in his professional life, Reinhold has maintained a stable personal life and continues to be involved in the entertainment industry.

What is Judge Reinhold’s Legacy?

Judge Reinhold’s legacy in Hollywood is marked by his memorable roles in iconic films of the 80s and his ability to reinvent himself throughout his career. His performances have left a lasting impression on audiences, and his contributions to film and television are significant. Despite facing challenges, Reinhold’s resilience and talent have ensured his place in the industry.

What is Next for Judge Reinhold?

Rumors suggest that Reinhold may be involved in a fourth installment of the “Beverly Hills Cop” film franchise. Fans eagerly await his return to the big screen, and his future projects are anticipated with interest. Reinhold’s enduring appeal and talent promise continued success in his acting career.

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