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Joe Hart, the former Manchester City goalkeeper, has embarked on a new chapter in his career by signing a two-year deal with Burnley worth £3.5 million. This move marks an exciting turn for Hart, who …

Joe Hart, the former Manchester City goalkeeper, has embarked on a new chapter in his career by signing a two-year deal with Burnley worth £3.5 million. This move marks an exciting turn for Hart, who has previously played on loan for clubs like Torino and West Ham United. Burnley fans are eager to see how Hart will contribute to The Clarets, and his experience is expected to bring significant value to the team.

Who is Supporting Joe Hart Off the Pitch?

Joe Hart is supported by his wife, Kimberly Crew. The couple dated for six years before getting married in June 2015 in a beautiful ceremony in Florence, Italy. Kimberly, a professional beautician, has maintained a relatively low profile, focusing on their family life rather than the spotlight. Together, they have a four-year-old son named Harlow Hart. Despite Joe’s high profile in football, Kimberly prefers to stay out of the limelight, dedicating her time to their family.

Does Joe Hart Share Family Updates on Social Media?

Joe Hart is active on Instagram, where he has 1.3 million followers under the handle @joehartofficial. However, his posts are predominantly focused on his football career. Unlike many athletes who share personal glimpses of their family life, Joe keeps his private life away from social media. His Instagram is filled with updates about his training, matches, and professional achievements. This approach underscores his preference for keeping family matters private.

How Does Kimberly Show Her Support?

Although Kimberly Crew prefers to stay out of the limelight, she has been a supportive presence at Joe’s football events. She has attended various matches and star-studded occasions, often seen cheering for Joe from the stands. Notably, she was photographed during UEFA Euro 2016, showing her support as Joe played for England against Slovakia. Kimberly was also seen wearing an England shirt during a match against Wales in the same tournament, showcasing her unwavering support.

What is the Story Behind Joe Hart’s New Tattoo?

In August 2017, Joe Hart unveiled a new tattoo, which sparked curiosity among his fans. The design features a large block of ink around his lower arm, complemented by a thinner band around his wrist. The meaning behind this tattoo remains unknown, as Joe has not provided any official explanation. He shared a picture of the tattoo on Instagram, expressing his excitement about the new artwork done in Shrewsbury. Joe praised the artist, writing, “Great to go back to Shrewsbury and get some world-class body art @hanumantra. Awesome work #kaammoonnnn.” Despite fan speculation, the significance of the tattoo is still a mystery.

How Has Joe Hart’s Career Progressed?

Joe Hart’s career has been marked by significant achievements and challenges. After leaving Manchester City, he was loaned to Torino in 2016 and later to West Ham United. His recent move to Burnley represents a crucial step in his career. Burnley fans are hopeful that Hart’s experience and skills will add much-needed strength to their squad. His addition to the team is seen as a positive move, expected to bring stability and expertise.

What Are the Expectations for Hart at Burnley?

Joe Hart’s move to Burnley comes at an opportune time as the club looks to bolster its squad. His presence is anticipated to provide valuable experience and leadership, which can help Burnley achieve their goals in the upcoming season. Fans are excited to see how he will perform and the impact he will have on the team. With his proven track record, Hart is expected to be a key player for The Clarets.

What’s Next for Joe Hart and His Family?

As Joe Hart settles into his new role at Burnley, his family continues to be a cornerstone of his support system. Kimberly and their son Harlow have been a constant source of encouragement throughout his career. Despite the challenges and transitions, Joe’s family remains by his side, providing the stability and support he needs.

How Does Joe Hart Balance Professional and Personal Life?

Balancing a high-profile football career with family life can be challenging, but Joe Hart manages to keep both aspects of his life in harmony. By keeping his family life private and focusing on his professional responsibilities, Hart has maintained a healthy balance. His dedication to football is complemented by the unwavering support from Kimberly and Harlow, ensuring he remains grounded and focused.

What Does the Future Hold for Joe Hart at Burnley?

Joe Hart’s move to Burnley is more than just a new professional opportunity; it’s a chance for a fresh start. With his extensive experience and skills, Hart is poised to make a significant impact at Burnley. As he embarks on this new journey, his supporters, both on and off the field, are eager to see his contributions to the team. Hart’s career at Burnley will be closely watched by fans who are hopeful for his success.


Joe Hart’s transition to Burnley marks an exciting new chapter in his football career. Supported by his wife Kimberly and their son Harlow, Hart is ready to take on new challenges with The Clarets. His professional journey, marked by significant achievements and the occasional setback, showcases his resilience and dedication. As Hart begins this new phase, his fans and family will continue to support him, anticipating his success on the field and the positive impact he will bring to Burnley.

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