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Terry Mandel, born Terry Soil, is the wife of comedian and television host Howie Mandel. The couple has been married for over 40 years, and their relationship began when they were childhood sweethearts. Terry and …

Terry Mandel, born Terry Soil, is the wife of comedian and television host Howie Mandel. The couple has been married for over 40 years, and their relationship began when they were childhood sweethearts. Terry and Howie both hail from Toronto, Canada, and attended William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute together. Their love story began in a rather unconventional way when Howie borrowed money from Terry to buy french fries.

How Did Howie and Terry Meet?

Howie Mandel and Terry Soil met while waiting in line to buy french fries during their high school days. As Howie recalls, he didn’t know Terry at the time and was short a couple of bucks. Terry, who was 14 years old then, lent him the money. This small act of kindness sparked the beginning of their long-lasting relationship.

When Did They Start Dating?

Although they met in their teens, Terry initially rejected Howie’s advances. It wasn’t until they were both 19 that they went on their first date. Howie remembers their first date vividly, which involved a near-disaster when his car hit an ice patch. Despite this, their relationship blossomed, and they continued dating throughout their early adult years.

How Did Howie Propose to Terry?

Howie’s proposal to Terry was as unique and humorous as his personality. He proposed in a deli, presenting a loose diamond on the table and telling her to make a ring if she wanted while he went to the bathroom. Both Howie and Terry are not romantics, a sentiment reflected in their proposal story. Howie even joked that the only time he brought flowers home, Terry questioned where he got them from, revealing his practical and straightforward approach to romance.

What is Terry’s Professional Background?

Terry Mandel is a television producer and talent agent. She has worked alongside Howie on several projects, including the 1985 TV special “Howie Mandel: Live from Carnegie Mall.” The couple also owns a talent agency in Los Angeles called The Abstract Talent Agency. Terry’s involvement in the entertainment industry has been a significant part of their professional and personal life.

How Many Children Do They Have?

Howie and Terry Mandel have three children: a son, Alex, born in 1989, and two daughters, Jackie and Riley, born in 1984 and 1992, respectively. Their daughter, Jackie, has been open about her struggles with anxiety and OCD, conditions she shares with her father. Howie and Terry are also grandparents to Jackie’s children, Abbey and Axel.

How Did Terry Influence Howie’s Career?

Terry played a crucial role in Howie’s decision to host “Deal or No Deal,” a show that significantly boosted his career. Initially, Howie was reluctant to take the job, but Terry encouraged him to “take the deal.” Her support and encouragement proved to be pivotal in Howie’s career, leading to his iconic role as the host of the popular game show.

What is Their Secret to a Long Marriage?

Howie often jokes about the secret to his long marriage with Terry. In a humorous take, he once told PEOPLE that the secret is Terry “doesn’t speak or understand a word of English,” suggesting that communication is overrated. In reality, their shared sense of humor and mutual support have been the cornerstones of their relationship.

How Do They Support Each Other?

Throughout their marriage, Howie and Terry have supported each other through various challenges. Howie has been open about his struggles with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Terry and their children have been his anchor, helping him through difficult times. Howie credits Terry for being there for the family when he couldn’t be, and for encouraging him to seek help for his mental health issues.

What Are Some Fun Facts About Terry?

Terry Mandel has a great sense of humor, which matches Howie’s comedic personality. She is also an animal lover. In a memorable birthday surprise, Howie once rented an elephant for her birthday, which unfortunately led to significant property damage. Despite the mishap, it highlighted Terry’s love for animals and Howie’s willingness to go to great lengths to make her happy.

How Do They Spend Their Time Together?

Howie and Terry enjoy spending time together, often involving humor and fun. They even spent part of their honeymoon at a comedy club, showcasing their shared love for comedy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Howie pranked Terry by hiding pieces of her jigsaw puzzles, adding a playful element to their relationship.

What is Terry’s Role in Howie’s Life Today?

Terry continues to be a supportive partner in Howie’s life. Her encouragement and understanding have been vital in managing Howie’s anxiety and OCD. Howie relies on therapy, medication, and the support of his family to cope with his mental health challenges. Terry’s unwavering support and their shared sense of humor help them navigate the ups and downs of life together.


Terry Mandel’s life with Howie is filled with love, humor, and mutual support. From their early days as childhood sweethearts to their current life as parents and grandparents, their relationship stands as a testament to enduring love and partnership. Through all the challenges and successes, Terry and Howie have maintained a strong bond, making their story a truly inspiring one.

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