How Old Is Smokey Robinson Wife, Everything Regarding Frances Robinson

Frances Robinson, previously known as Frances Gladney, is the wife of Motown legend Smokey Robinson. Although Smokey is a renowned singer-songwriter, Frances has also made a name for herself in interior design and business. Their …

Frances Robinson, previously known as Frances Gladney, is the wife of Motown legend Smokey Robinson. Although Smokey is a renowned singer-songwriter, Frances has also made a name for herself in interior design and business. Their love story is as captivating as Smokey’s music career.

How Did Smokey and Frances Meet?

Smokey and Frances met through a mutual group of friends in Los Angeles. They shared the same birthday, February 19, despite being 12 years apart. Their connection deepened during a joint birthday celebration, where they bonded over trying coconut shrimp for the first time. This new shared interest sparked the beginning of their romantic relationship.

When Did They Start Dating?

The couple started dating secretly before getting married in May 2002. Frances preferred to keep their relationship private initially, fearing gossip among their friend group. Despite the secrecy, their relationship flourished, and they have now been married for over two decades. Smokey often speaks about his love and appreciation for Frances, especially on social media.

How Has Frances Inspired Smokey’s Music?

Frances has been a significant inspiration for Smokey’s music. One of the songs from his 2023 album, “I Keep Calling,” was inspired by the early days of their relationship. The lyrics reflect their secret romance, capturing the essence of their connection. Smokey has no plans to retire from music, and Frances continues to be a muse for his creative work.

What Is Frances’ Role in Their Home Life?

Frances played a crucial role in redesigning their home in Chatsworth, California. After selling their previous house in Encino, Smokey and Frances moved into a new mansion, which Frances helped renovate. Her designs include a crystal and wrought-iron chandelier, cherrywood floors, and an at-home theater. She also created a dedicated space for Smokey’s golf gear, showcasing her attention to detail and care for her husband’s hobbies.

How Did They Collaborate on a Skincare Line?

In 2016, Smokey and Frances launched a skincare line called Skinphonic, aimed at people of color. The line features “My Girl” products for women and “Get Ready” products for men. Frances and Smokey decided to create this line after struggling to find effective skincare products for themselves. The collaboration marked their first professional venture together, and they were on the same page throughout the process.

What Is Smokey Robinson Wines?

Smokey Robinson Wines is another venture that Frances and Smokey launched together. Based in Frances’ hometown of Pittsburgh, the wine brand features wines made in California. Each wine is named after one of Smokey’s famous songs, like the “I Second That Emotion” Cabernet Sauvignon and the “My Girl” Chardonnay. This project allowed Smokey to connect with his fans in a new and unique way.

How Do They Express Their Love Publicly?

While Smokey and Frances are generally private about their relationship, they often express their love and appreciation for each other on social media. On their shared birthday in 2021, Frances wrote a heartfelt message to Smokey, thanking him for being her best friend and showing her the true meaning of love. Smokey also dedicates posts to Frances, celebrating their love and commitment.

What Makes Their Relationship Special?

Smokey and Frances’ relationship is built on a foundation of friendship, mutual respect, and shared interests. They support each other’s careers and collaborate on various projects. Smokey often credits Frances for being a significant source of inspiration and strength in his life. Their ability to maintain a strong and loving relationship despite the pressures of fame is truly inspiring.

What Is Next for Smokey and Frances?

As Smokey continues his music career and explores new creative ventures, Frances remains a steadfast partner by his side. Their love story continues to evolve, marked by their mutual support and shared experiences. Fans can expect more music inspired by their relationship and possibly new collaborative projects in the future.

Why Is Their Story Inspiring?

Smokey and Frances Robinson’s story is a testament to enduring love and partnership. From their secret romance to their successful collaborations, they have built a life together filled with love and respect. Their journey serves as an inspiration to many, proving that true love can thrive in the face of challenges and public scrutiny.

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