Gareth Southgate Wife, All The Details You Need To Know!

For the past eight years, Gareth Southgate has solidified his place in the annals of England’s rich football history as their manager. As he heads into UEFA Euro 2024, the 53-year-old will be leading the …

For the past eight years, Gareth Southgate has solidified his place in the annals of England’s rich football history as their manager. As he heads into UEFA Euro 2024, the 53-year-old will be leading the team for a second consecutive European Championship after guiding them to finals in Euro 2020. While his professional life often finds itself under public scrutiny, the Englishman has successfully kept his personal life relatively private. Although not one to share much about his life away from the pitch, Gareth Southgate is undoubtedly a family man. He shares this journey with his wife Alison Bird, who plays an integral role in completing his life. Let us take a closer look at everything we know about her.

Who is Southgate’s Wife Alison Bird?

Gareth Southgate is married to Alison Bird, who is currently 57 years old and four years his senior. The couple first crossed paths in the early 1990s when the England boss was a young trainee at Crystal Palace. At the time, Bird was employed at a clothing boutique in South London, where their initial encounter took place. After several years of dating, they wed in 1997 at St Nicholas’s Church in Worth. The two have enjoyed over two decades of marital bliss. Interestingly, despite Gareth’s prominent position in soccer, his wife, Alison, does not share the same enthusiasm for the sport.

Alison Bird’s Disinterest in Football

This fact was revealed by Clive Southgate, Gareth’s father, during an interview where he mentioned, “Actually, I don’t think Alison likes football very much.” Despite her lack of interest in the sport, she remains a steadfast supporter of her husband and has been frequently seen cheering him on from the stands. Alison’s support is unwavering, highlighting the strength of their relationship and her dedication to his career, even if the sport itself doesn’t captivate her.

How Many Children Does Gareth Southgate Have?

Gareth Southgate and Alison Bird are the proud parents of two children. Their daughter, Mia, is 24 years old and has a keen interest in fashion, often sharing her style inspirations on Instagram with her followers. Mia’s passion for fashion sets her apart from her father’s football-centric world, showcasing the diverse interests within the Southgate family.

Flynn Southgate: A Different Path

Their son Flynn, aged 20, chose not to pursue a career in soccer like his father. Instead, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and gained valuable experience through an internship at a law firm. Flynn’s decision to follow a different career path reflects the supportive environment within the Southgate family, allowing each member to pursue their individual passions.

Gareth Southgate’s Family Commitment

Despite his demanding professional commitments, Gareth Southgate emphasizes balancing career and family life. He frequently mentions how crucial it is to dedicate time to both his wife and children. This commitment underscores their harmonious family dynamic—one that could easily be likened to an ideal depicted on television. Southgate’s ability to maintain this balance is a testament to his dedication as both a manager and a family man.

Alison Bird’s Role in Southgate’s Success

While Gareth Southgate often takes the spotlight for his achievements on the pitch, Alison Bird’s support behind the scenes has been instrumental in his success. Her presence provides a stable foundation, allowing him to focus on his career without neglecting his family responsibilities. The couple’s long-lasting marriage and mutual respect are evident in their public appearances and the way they speak about each other.

The Southgate Family’s Public and Private Life

Although the Southgate family maintains a relatively low profile, they occasionally share glimpses of their life through social media and public events. These moments offer a window into their close-knit family dynamic, highlighting the love and support that underpin their relationships. Whether attending matches or celebrating milestones, the Southgate family exemplifies the importance of unity and mutual support.

Alison Bird’s Personal Interests

Beyond her role as Gareth Southgate’s wife, Alison Bird has her own interests and pursuits. While details about her personal life remain private, it’s clear that she values her privacy and prefers to stay out of the limelight. This choice allows her to support her husband without becoming a public figure herself, striking a balance that works for their family.

The Southgate Legacy

As Gareth Southgate continues to lead the England national team, his family’s support remains a constant source of strength. The Southgate legacy is not only defined by his achievements in football but also by the strong, supportive family that stands beside him. This legacy of love, respect, and dedication will undoubtedly inspire future generations, both within and outside the world of football.


Gareth Southgate’s journey as England’s manager is marked by both professional success and personal fulfillment. His wife, Alison Bird, and their two children, Mia and Flynn, play a significant role in his life, providing unwavering support and love. Despite the challenges of balancing a high-profile career with family responsibilities, Southgate manages to maintain a harmonious family dynamic. As he leads England into UEFA Euro 2024, the strength of his family’s support will continue to be a cornerstone of his success, both on and off the pitch.

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