Duke Of Westminster Net Worth, How Much Money Is Duke Of Westminster Worth?

Olivia Henson, newly titled the Duchess of Westminster, officially joined the British aristocracy on June 7, 2024, after marrying Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster. At 30 years old, Henson’s entry into aristocracy marks …

Olivia Henson, newly titled the Duchess of Westminster, officially joined the British aristocracy on June 7, 2024, after marrying Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster. At 30 years old, Henson’s entry into aristocracy marks a significant milestone in her life, blending her professional accomplishments with her new role within the British high society. Hugh Grosvenor, 33, boasts a remarkable net worth of approximately 12 billion euros ($15.3 billion), making their union both romantic and influential.

What is Olivia Henson’s Background?

Where Did Olivia Henson Receive Her Education?

Olivia Henson was born and raised in the United Kingdom. She attended the prestigious Dragon School in Oxford, followed by Marlborough College, an institution known for educating notable figures such as Princess Kate and her sister Pippa Middleton. Henson pursued higher education at Trinity College Dublin, graduating with a 2:1 in Hispanic Studies and Italian.

What Has Olivia Henson’s Career Involved?

Professionally, Olivia Henson has established herself in the field of ethical food production. She currently works as a senior account manager at Belazu, a London-based company renowned for importing high-quality ingredients like rose harissa, extra virgin olive oil, and preserved lemons from Europe. Her career has also included roles with other companies dedicated to sustainable food options, such as Daily Dose Juices and No.1 Rosemary Water. Despite her professional success, Henson maintains a low profile, with minimal social media presence.

How Did Olivia Henson and Hugh Grosvenor Meet?

When Did Their Relationship Begin?

Olivia Henson and Hugh Grosvenor were introduced by mutual friends in 2021. Their relationship blossomed quickly, leading to their engagement in April 2023. The engagement took place at the Grosvenor estate, an 11,000-acre property that has been in the family for generations. Their wedding at Chester Cathedral was a grand affair attended by members of the royal family and other distinguished guests.

What Was the Wedding Like?

Who Attended the Wedding?

The wedding at Chester Cathedral was a significant event, graced by the presence of Prince William, Princess Eugenie of York, and other royal family members. This gathering of high-profile guests underscored the importance of the union between Henson and Grosvenor in British high society.

What Did Olivia Henson Wear?

For her wedding day, Olivia Henson chose a bespoke ivory silk crepe satin dress designed by Emma Victoria Payne. The veil she wore featured floral motifs and edgings from her great-great-grandmother’s veil, adding a touch of family heritage to the ensemble. Additionally, Henson wore the Fabergé Myrtle Leaf Tiara, a historic piece worn by Grosvenor brides since 1906.

What Does the Title of Duchess of Westminster Entail?

Who Was the Previous Duchess of Westminster?

With her marriage to Hugh Grosvenor, Olivia Henson assumed the title of Duchess of Westminster, previously held by her mother-in-law, Natalia Grosvenor. This title carries significant historical and social weight within the British aristocracy, symbolizing Henson’s new status and responsibilities.

Where Will the Couple Live?

Post-wedding, the couple is expected to move to the Grosvenor estate. This 11,000-acre property is not only a significant familial asset but also a symbol of the enduring legacy and influence of the Grosvenor family in British society.

What is the Significance of Hugh Grosvenor’s Title?

How Did Hugh Grosvenor Become the Duke of Westminster?

Hugh Grosvenor inherited the title of Duke of Westminster at the age of 25, following the death of his father, Gerald Grosvenor, in 2016. This inheritance also made him a significant shareholder in The Grosvenor Group, a company with extensive land holdings, including 1,500 properties across 60 countries. The company also owns 50 percent of Mayfair, a prestigious area in the City of Westminster.

What is Hugh Grosvenor’s Connection to the Royal Family?

Grosvenor’s ties to the royal family are notable. He is the godfather of Prince Archie, the firstborn of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and also the godfather of Prince George, the firstborn of Prince William and Kate Middleton. These connections highlight the close relationship between the Grosvenor family and the British royal family.

What is the Future for the New Duke and Duchess of Westminster?

What Can Be Expected from Olivia Henson’s Role?

As the new Duchess of Westminster, Olivia Henson’s role will likely involve various social and charitable activities, continuing the legacy of her predecessors. Given her background and career in ethical food production, Henson may also bring a fresh perspective to her new duties, potentially championing sustainable and ethical causes within her sphere of influence.

How Will the Couple Balance Their Personal and Public Lives?

While both Henson and Grosvenor have maintained relatively private lives, their new roles will place them more prominently in the public eye. Balancing their personal privacy with their public responsibilities will be a key aspect of their future endeavors. The couple’s shared commitment to their roles and responsibilities suggests a promising and influential future for the new Duke and Duchess of Westminster.


The marriage of Olivia Henson and Hugh Grosvenor marks a significant union in British aristocracy. Olivia’s transition into her role as Duchess of Westminster symbolizes a blend of tradition and modern influence. With their substantial wealth, strong royal connections, and shared commitment to social and charitable causes, the future for the new Duke and Duchess of Westminster looks both promising and impactful. Their journey together is poised to leave a lasting legacy within British high society.

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