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Taylor Wilson is well-known in the AFL community as the longtime girlfriend of Collingwood star Dane Swan. She has become a familiar face at the Brownlow Medal red carpet events, having attended six times. Each …

Taylor Wilson is well-known in the AFL community as the longtime girlfriend of Collingwood star Dane Swan. She has become a familiar face at the Brownlow Medal red carpet events, having attended six times. Each year, Wilson stands out with her elegance and style, capturing the attention of the media and fans alike. Her presence at these events highlights the support and partnership she shares with her significant other, adding a touch of glamour to the AFL’s prestigious night.

What is the Brownlow Medal?

The Brownlow Medal is one of the most prestigious awards in Australian Rules Football, awarded annually to the “fairest and best” player in the Australian Football League (AFL) during the regular season. The event, held at Crown Palladium in Melbourne, is a significant night in the AFL calendar, celebrating the top players of the season. It’s not just a night of awards but also a major social event, with players and their partners donning glamorous attire for the red carpet.

How Does Taylor Wilson Prepare for the Event?

For Taylor Wilson, preparing for the Brownlow Medal night involves choosing the perfect outfit. This year, she will be wearing a white dress designed by bridal couturier Helen Manuell. Wilson expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to wear such exquisite dresses, acknowledging the role of designers in helping her and other partners of AFL players look their best. The excitement of dressing up and the chance to be part of this glamorous event adds to the allure of the night.

What Does Taylor Wilson Think of the Brownlow Medal Night?

Although Taylor Wilson finds the event “a little bit boring,” she appreciates its significance for the players and their partners. She acknowledges that it’s a great night for the players to be recognized and for the women to enjoy dressing up and celebrating the season. The night when Dane Swan won the Brownlow Medal was particularly special for her, creating cherished memories as they celebrated with teammates.

Who Else is Helen Manuell Dressing?

Helen Manuell, the designer of Taylor Wilson’s dress, is also dressing Elise Swallow and Nicole Petrie. Elise is the wife of North Melbourne captain Andrew Swallow, and Nicole is the wife of North Melbourne star Drew Petrie. Manuell’s designs are known for their elegance and sophistication, making them a popular choice for the partners of AFL stars on such a significant night.

Who are the Top Contenders for the Brownlow Medal?

Among the Sydney Swans players, Kieren Jack has the best odds of winning the Brownlow Medal, standing at $21. Not far behind is Daniel Hannebery, with odds of $26. Meanwhile, Adam Goodes and Jude Bolton are considered long shots, both with odds of 1000 to 1. These odds reflect the competitive nature of the award, with several players vying for the top honor.

What Makes the Brownlow Medal Night Special?

The Brownlow Medal night is not just about awarding the best player; it’s a celebration of the entire AFL season. It brings together players, coaches, partners, and fans in a night of glamour and recognition. The event provides an opportunity for everyone involved in the AFL to reflect on the season’s highlights and achievements. For partners like Taylor Wilson, it’s a chance to support their loved ones and enjoy the limelight.

How Does Taylor Wilson Handle the Public Attention?

Taylor Wilson handles the public attention with grace and poise. Despite being in the spotlight due to her relationship with Dane Swan, she remains down-to-earth and appreciative of the opportunities that come with attending such high-profile events. Her ability to balance public appearances with her personal life speaks volumes about her character and resilience.

What are Taylor Wilson’s Future Plans?

While specific details about Taylor Wilson’s future plans are not widely known, her continued presence at the Brownlow Medal and other AFL events suggests that she will remain a supportive and integral part of Dane Swan’s life. Her fashion choices and public appearances will likely continue to draw attention, further establishing her as a notable figure in the AFL community.


Taylor Wilson’s journey through six Brownlow Medal events showcases her enduring support for Dane Swan and her prominent place in the AFL community. Her elegance, style, and grace on the red carpet make her a standout figure each year. As the girlfriend of a celebrated AFL star, Wilson’s presence adds a touch of glamour to the prestigious night, celebrating the best in Australian Rules Football. Her story reflects the blend of personal dedication and public admiration that defines the lives of those closely connected to the sport.

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