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Columbus Short is a well-known actor, born on September 19, 1982. He is best recognized for his role as Harrison Wright in the popular TV series “Scandal.” Besides his notable TV role, Columbus has also …

Columbus Short is a well-known actor, born on September 19, 1982. He is best recognized for his role as Harrison Wright in the popular TV series “Scandal.” Besides his notable TV role, Columbus has also starred in films such as “Stomp the Yard,” “Cadillac Records,” and “The Losers.” Despite his successful acting career, Columbus has had multiple run-ins with the law, including recent domestic violence charges.

What Happened in the Latest Incident?

On February 2, Columbus Short was arrested on domestic violence charges following an altercation with his wife, Aida Abramyan. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed his arrest, and he was bailed out after 12 hours on a $50,000 bond. According to reports, the couple had a verbal argument that escalated, leading to a physical confrontation. Columbus claimed that Aida punched him, but police found no injuries on him. However, Aida had a minor injury, which resulted in Columbus’ arrest. His court date is set for June 6.

What Did Columbus Short Say About the Incident?

Columbus addressed the incident in an Instagram video captured by TheShadeRoom. He admitted to grabbing Aida’s phone and scratching her hand out of frustration. He explained that the police had to make a decision based on the visible injury, which led to his arrest. Columbus expressed regret over the situation, apologizing to anyone he let down and emphasizing his efforts to improve and work hard.

Has Columbus Short Had Previous Legal Issues?

Yes, this is not the first time Columbus Short has faced legal trouble. In 2018, he was arrested for domestic violence involving Aida Abramyan. He pleaded no contest and served 34 days of a one-year sentence. He was also sentenced to 36 months probation and required to attend domestic violence education. In 2014, Columbus was charged with felony battery after punching a man during a bar fight, resulting in community service and probation.

Who is Aida Abramyan?

Aida Abramyan is an entertainment publicist and the wife of Columbus Short. She runs the Luxe Creative Agency, an entertainment PR and marketing communications agency. Luxe Creative Agency connects brands with media, consumers, and influencers, and has worked with clients such as and the Rock in Rio Fest. The agency has also been involved with several films, including “Olympus Has Fallen,” “All Things Fall Apart,” and “The Expendables” series.

What is Aida’s Relationship with Columbus Short?

Aida and Columbus have had a complex relationship, dating on and off for years before announcing their engagement in August 2016. At the time, Aida was four months pregnant with their first child. The couple married in December 2016. Despite the challenges in their relationship, Aida has publicly expressed her support and admiration for Columbus, highlighting his resilience and positive qualities.

How Many Children Do Columbus and Aida Have?

Columbus and Aida share two sons. Their older son, Denzel, was born in early 2017, and their younger son was born in June 2020. Aida frequently shares photos of their family on Instagram, showcasing their close-knit family life.

What is Aida Abramyan’s Professional Background?

Aida is an entertainment publicist with a significant presence in the industry. She leads the Luxe Creative Agency, which specializes in PR and marketing communications for entertainment brands. The agency has an impressive client list and has collaborated on numerous high-profile projects, enhancing Aida’s reputation as a skilled publicist and marketer.

Was Columbus Short Married Before?

Yes, Columbus Short was married twice before tying the knot with Aida. His first marriage was to Brandi Short from 2001 to 2003, and they share one son. His second marriage was to actress and dancer Tanee McCall, which lasted from 2005 until their divorce was finalized in 2014. Columbus and Tanee have a daughter named Ayala, who is 10 years old.

What is the Future for Columbus Short and Aida Abramyan?

The future for Columbus Short and Aida Abramyan remains uncertain. While their relationship has faced significant challenges, including legal issues and public scrutiny, they have shown resilience and commitment to their family. It remains to be seen how they will navigate these difficulties and what steps they will take to move forward.

How Does Columbus Short’s Legal Trouble Impact His Career?

Columbus Short’s repeated legal troubles have undoubtedly affected his career. While he is a talented actor with several notable roles, his off-screen issues have overshadowed his professional achievements at times. Moving forward, his ability to manage his personal life and legal matters will be crucial in determining his career trajectory and public image.

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