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NFL star Cody Ford and TikTok personality Tianna Robillard have called off their engagement. On June 12, Robillard shared an emotional video on TikTok, announcing their split. In the video, she was seen in a …

NFL star Cody Ford and TikTok personality Tianna Robillard have called off their engagement. On June 12, Robillard shared an emotional video on TikTok, announcing their split. In the video, she was seen in a packed-up car, tearfully revealing that their relationship had ended, mentioning that “some things are unrecoverable.”

When Did Cody Ford and Tianna Robillard Get Engaged?

Cody Ford, who plays as an offensive guard for the Cincinnati Bengals, proposed to Tianna Robillard in late April. Their relationship became public in January 2023 when they first posted about each other on Instagram. Their engagement seemed like a fairy tale, but it has now come to an unexpected end.

How Did Tianna Robillard Announce the Breakup?

Tianna Robillard shared the news of their breakup through a TikTok video. Responding to a user’s question about their relationship, she confirmed that it was over and that they would not be getting back together. In her emotional three-minute video, Robillard expressed her sadness and the difficulty of the situation, emphasizing that while she will always love Ford, some things cannot be repaired.

What Was the Initial Reaction from Fans?

Fans were surprised and saddened by the news. One user commented on a previous TikTok video of Robillard, noting the suddenness of the breakup, especially since she had been talking about Ford just days before. Robillard’s tearful response touched many, showing the raw emotion she was experiencing.

What Did Tianna Robillard Say in Her Video?

In her video, Robillard said, “You want answers, I know. I don’t really know what to say, really. But it’s true. It’s over, and it’s never going to be back together, that’s for damn sure.” She continued to express her love for Ford, despite the breakup, and asked for privacy, encouragement, and love during this difficult time. She emphasized the need for healing for both herself and Ford.

How Did Cody Ford React to the Breakup?

Cody Ford has not publicly commented on the breakup. After the announcement, both Ford and Robillard deleted photos of each other from their Instagram accounts. The Cincinnati Bengals have not made any official statement regarding the personal matter of their player.

What Were the Highlights of Their Engagement?

Their engagement was a joyous occasion marked by a heartfelt proposal from Ford. He shared the happy news on Instagram, posting a series of photos of the moment he proposed to Robillard, including a picture of him slipping the ring onto her finger. In the caption, he wrote, “Forever 🤍♾️. I Love you so much T.” These posts have since been deleted following the breakup.

What Did Tianna Robillard Ask from Her Fans?

Robillard asked her fans for privacy and understanding. She expressed gratitude for the support and kind words she had received and emphasized the importance of love and light during such a challenging time. Her plea for privacy was heartfelt, as she navigates through the emotional aftermath of their split.

How Are They Coping with the Breakup?

Both Ford and Robillard are dealing with the breakup in their own ways. Robillard’s video showed her vulnerability and the pain she is going through. She mentioned that her world feels “turned upside down” and that everything seems different now. She also expressed a desire for both of them to receive love and support as they move forward.

What Is the Public’s Response to the News?

The public and fans have shown an outpouring of support for both Ford and Robillard. Many have sent messages of encouragement and sympathy, understanding the difficulty of going through a public breakup. Robillard’s openness about her feelings has resonated with many, drawing empathy and support from her followers.

What’s Next for Cody Ford and Tianna Robillard?

As they move forward separately, both Ford and Robillard will likely focus on their careers and personal healing. Ford will continue his role with the Cincinnati Bengals, preparing for the upcoming NFL season. Robillard will continue her presence on social media, where she has built a significant following. Both have a strong support system to help them through this transition.

How Can Fans Support Them?

Fans can support Cody Ford and Tianna Robillard by respecting their privacy and sending positive messages. Understanding that both are going through a tough time and offering encouragement can help them heal. It’s important to remember that public figures also need time and space to process their emotions.

Why Is This Breakup Significant?

The breakup of Cody Ford and Tianna Robillard is significant because it highlights the challenges faced by couples in the public eye. Despite the seemingly perfect relationship portrayed on social media, personal struggles and irreconcilable differences can affect anyone. Their story is a reminder that behind the curated posts and photos, real emotions and difficulties exist.


Cody Ford and Tianna Robillard’s breakup is a heartfelt reminder of the complexities of relationships, especially under public scrutiny. Their journey together, from a joyful engagement to a tearful split, has touched many. As they move forward, they do so with the support and understanding of their fans, who wish them both love and light during this difficult time.

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