Catherine Laga’aia Age, 4 Things To Know About Moana Actress

Catherine Laga’aia, a Sydney-born 17-year-old, is set to take on the titular role in Disney’s upcoming live-action Moana movie. Though relatively new to professional acting, Catherine is no stranger to the entertainment industry, coming from …

Catherine Laga’aia, a Sydney-born 17-year-old, is set to take on the titular role in Disney’s upcoming live-action Moana movie. Though relatively new to professional acting, Catherine is no stranger to the entertainment industry, coming from a family with a rich history in show business.

What is Catherine Laga’aia’s Background?

Born in Sydney, Catherine Laga’aia is one of eight siblings in a talented family. Her father, Jay Laga’aia, is a seasoned actor known for roles in major productions like Star Wars and Australian TV shows. This familial connection to the arts has undoubtedly influenced Catherine’s path into acting.

How Did Catherine Laga’aia Land the Role of Moana?

Disney announced Catherine Laga’aia as the new Moana on June 12, though speculation about her casting began as early as February 16. Her father’s Instagram post in early May hinted at an exciting new “adventure” for Catherine, leading many to believe it referred to her role in Moana.

What Experience Does Catherine Laga’aia Have in Acting?

Before being cast as Moana, Catherine had only one professional acting credit. She appeared in three episodes of Australia’s “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” in 2023, playing a young version of Frankie Adams’ character, Candy Blue. These appearances marked her entry into professional acting, and her role in Moana will be her cinematic debut.

What is Catherine Laga’aia’s Connection to the Moana Story?

Catherine Laga’aia has a deep personal connection to Moana. In Disney’s press release announcing her casting, Catherine expressed her excitement and pride in representing a character she loves and relates to. Moana, being of Polynesian descent, resonates with Catherine’s own heritage, with family roots in places like Fa’aala, Palauli, in Savai‘i and Leulumoega Tuai on the main island of ‘Upolu in Samoa.

What Role Did Catherine Laga’aia’s Family Play in Her Career?

Catherine’s father, Jay Laga’aia, has had a significant influence on her career. Jay, known for his role as Captain Typho in Star Wars Episode II and Episode III, has been a prominent figure in the acting world for decades. His career also includes hosting a preschool show called Jay’s Jungle and roles in Water Rats and Bed of Roses. Growing up in such an environment, Catherine was naturally drawn to the world of performance and storytelling.

How Talented is the Laga’aia Family?

The Laga’aia family is a testament to artistic talent and dedication. Catherine is the second-youngest of eight siblings, all of whom have shown remarkable abilities in various fields. Her older sister plays netball for the Queensland Firebirds, while her brothers have made their mark on stage, with one touring with Hamilton and another playing Benny in Rent. The family’s collective achievements reflect a supportive and creatively nurturing environment.

What is Catherine Laga’aia’s Role in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart?

In “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” Catherine portrayed a young version of Frankie Adams’ character, Candy Blue, appearing in episodes 3, 5, and 7. This role allowed her to showcase her acting skills and gain valuable experience in the industry. Although it was her first professional role, it paved the way for her upcoming role in Moana.

What is the Significance of Catherine Laga’aia’s Casting as Moana?

Catherine’s casting as Moana is significant not only for her career but also for representation in media. She is passionate about portraying a character that mirrors her own cultural background. By embodying Moana, Catherine hopes to inspire young girls who see themselves in her and the character she portrays. This representation is crucial in promoting diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.

How Does Catherine Laga’aia Feel About Playing Moana?

Catherine is enthusiastic about embracing the role of Moana. She has expressed her love for the character and her story, stating that Moana is one of her favorites. Catherine’s excitement and dedication to the role highlight her commitment to bringing authenticity and passion to the character, making her a fitting choice for this iconic role.

What Can We Expect from the Live-Action Moana Movie?

While details about the live-action Moana movie are still emerging, Catherine Laga’aia’s involvement has already generated significant excitement. As a newcomer to the big screen, her fresh perspective and connection to the character promise a compelling performance. Fans can look forward to seeing Catherine bring Moana to life in a way that honors the original while adding her unique touch.

How Will Catherine Laga’aia’s Career Develop After Moana?

With her role in Moana, Catherine Laga’aia is poised for a breakthrough in her acting career. The exposure and experience gained from starring in a major Disney film will undoubtedly open doors for future opportunities. As she continues to grow and develop her craft, audiences can anticipate seeing more of Catherine in various projects.

Conclusion: What Does Catherine Laga’aia’s Future Hold?

Catherine Laga’aia’s journey from a young girl in Sydney to the star of Disney’s live-action Moana is inspiring. With a supportive family background and a personal connection to the character, she is set to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry. As she steps into the spotlight, Catherine’s talent and dedication will undoubtedly continue to shine, making her a rising star to watch.

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