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Ben Cousins is a former Australian Football League (AFL) champion known for his impressive career with the West Coast Eagles and later, the Richmond Football Club. Cousins played 238 games for West Coast, where he …

Ben Cousins is a former Australian Football League (AFL) champion known for his impressive career with the West Coast Eagles and later, the Richmond Football Club. Cousins played 238 games for West Coast, where he earned numerous accolades, including a Brownlow Medal and a premiership. However, his career and personal life have been marred by substance abuse issues and legal troubles, culminating in his axing from West Coast in 2007 and a subsequent 12-month ban from the AFL.

What Are the Current Legal Issues Surrounding Ben Cousins?

Ben Cousins is currently on trial at Armadale Magistrates Court, facing charges of aggravated stalking and multiple counts of breaching a violence restraining order (VRO) between April 2 and 15. He has been behind bars in Western Australia’s Hakea Prison since his bail was denied in April. The charges stem from alleged incidents involving his ex-partner, Maylea Tinecheff, with whom he shares two children.

Who is Maylea Tinecheff?

Maylea Tinecheff is the ex-partner of Ben Cousins. The couple was together from 2008 to 2013 and have two children, aged seven and nine. During their relationship and since their separation, Tinecheff has been involved in several legal disputes with Cousins, primarily concerning his access to their children and allegations of his erratic behavior.

What Happened During the Trial?

During the trial, Maylea Tinecheff testified that she lived in fear at times due to Cousins’ actions but insisted that she harbors no animosity towards him. Her testimony was subjected to intense cross-examination by Melbourne-based QC Julie Condon, who repeatedly questioned Tinecheff about her actions and motivations.

What Did Maylea Tinecheff Say About Their Parenting Plan?

Tinecheff revealed that the couple had previously agreed on a parenting plan that allowed Cousins to contact her to arrange access to their children. However, she claimed that the plan became void by December last year because Cousins was not “well enough to be around the children.” She emphasized that her decisions were made with everyone’s best interests in mind and denied being vindictive.

How Did Maylea Tinecheff Respond to Accusations During Cross-Examination?

During cross-examination, Tinecheff was accused of saying she would not let Cousins see their children unless he paid her money, which she denied. She clarified that her primary concern was Cousins’ well-being and his ability to be a responsible parent. Tinecheff also admitted that she sometimes allowed Cousins to breach the VRO but insisted she did not hold animosity or hate towards him.

What Did Maylea Tinecheff Say About Her Own Drug Use?

In court, Tinecheff acknowledged her past drug use, including an incident in August 2018 when she was caught drug-driving with her children in the car. Despite this, she stressed that Cousins’ drug use had “spiraled out of control,” making it unsafe for their children to be around him. She described instances where Cousins was abusive and frightening to the children.

What Are the Implications of Ben Cousins Knowing Their New Address?

Tinecheff expressed fear when she realized Cousins knew their new address after they had moved house in secret. This revelation added to her concerns about their safety and well-being, further complicating the dynamics of their interactions.

What is the Outcome of the Trial?

The trial concluded on Thursday afternoon, and the magistrate’s verdict is due next week. The outcome will determine the next steps in this ongoing legal battle, impacting Cousins’ future and his relationship with his children.

What Has Been Ben Cousins’ History with Legal Troubles?

Ben Cousins has a history of legal issues, including previous prison time for stalking Maylea Tinecheff. His career has been significantly affected by his off-field problems, leading to his dismissal from West Coast Eagles and later struggles with the law.


The trial of Ben Cousins highlights the complexities and challenges of his life post-AFL. His relationship with Maylea Tinecheff and their children is fraught with legal and personal issues, primarily stemming from his substance abuse problems. As the court prepares to deliver its verdict, the future remains uncertain for Cousins, Tinecheff, and their children. This case underscores the ongoing struggles of a once-celebrated athlete now grappling with significant personal and legal battles.

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