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On Thursday, May 30, President Joe Biden, 81, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, 72, paid tribute to their late son, Beau Biden, marking the ninth anniversary of his death. Beau, the former attorney general …

On Thursday, May 30, President Joe Biden, 81, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, 72, paid tribute to their late son, Beau Biden, marking the ninth anniversary of his death. Beau, the former attorney general of Delaware, succumbed to brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46. The Biden family gathered at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware, where Beau is buried, to honor his memory.

Family Visit and Private Service

The Bidens arrived at the church around 7:30 a.m., accompanied by family members, including their second son, Hunter Biden. The family attended a private service, spending time together in reflection and remembrance of Beau. This solemn gathering underscores the deep bond within the Biden family and their shared grief over the loss of a beloved son and brother.

A Visit to Veterans Memorial Park

After the service, the Bidens proceeded to Veterans Memorial Park in New Castle, Delaware. President Biden, departing the motorcade alone, was greeted by former Delaware state Senator Nancy Cook and her son, Thomas Cook, CEO of the Delaware River and Bay Authority. Biden placed flowers at the memorial and engaged in a brief conversation with the former politician, expressing gratitude for her support throughout his career.

Honoring Beau Biden’s Legacy

Beau Biden’s legacy is one of service and dedication. He served as Delaware’s attorney general from 2007 until his untimely death in 2015. During his tenure, he was deployed with the Delaware Army National Guard to Iraq from 2008 to 2009, earning a Bronze Star Medal for his service. Despite his military commitments, Beau continued to fulfill his responsibilities as attorney general, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to public service.

The Biden Family’s Journey Through Grief

The Biden family has faced numerous tragedies over the years. In 1972, Joe Biden’s first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, and their infant daughter, Naomi, were killed in a car crash, an accident that Beau and Hunter survived. The loss of Beau in 2015 added to the family’s profound grief. However, President Biden has often spoken about finding purpose in the wake of loss, a sentiment he shared with PEOPLE in 2020.

Coping with Loss and Finding Purpose

In his 2020 interview with PEOPLE, President Biden emphasized the importance of finding purpose after a profound loss. “You’ve got to find purpose — particularly a purpose that is consistent with what the person you’ve lost would want you to be doing,” he said. This perspective has guided Biden in his public life, allowing him to channel his grief into actions that honor the memory of his loved ones.

Memorial Day Address: Remembering Beau

During his Memorial Day address at Arlington National Cemetery last year, President Biden reflected on the loss of his son. “Tomorrow marks eight years since we lost our son Beau,” he said. He acknowledged the different nature of Beau’s death, noting that while Beau did not perish on the battlefield, his service in Iraq and subsequent illness were inextricably linked. Biden’s words resonated with many who have experienced similar losses, emphasizing the enduring pain of bereavement.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Troubles

The Biden family’s visit to St. Joseph Catholic Church also occurred against the backdrop of Hunter Biden’s legal troubles. Hunter is set to stand trial for firearm charges on June 3. Despite these challenges, the family’s unity and support for one another remain evident, underscoring their resilience in the face of adversity.

A Personal and Public Journey

President Biden’s journey through grief has been both personal and public. He has consistently used his platform to offer comfort and hope to others who have experienced loss. “Part of going through it publicly is … it puts you in a position where you either are going to walk away from trying to give hope and comfort to somebody … or you engage it and it’s hard,” he explained in his interview with PEOPLE.

A Father’s Love and Dedication

Throughout his career, President Biden has demonstrated a deep love for his family and a dedication to their memory. This was evident during his visit to the memorial park, where he interacted with Delaware National Guard Maj. Gen. Michael Berry and paid respects at the memorial. These moments reflect Biden’s ongoing commitment to honor Beau’s legacy through public service and personal acts of remembrance.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Service and Resilience

The Biden family’s tribute to Beau Biden on the ninth anniversary of his death highlights their enduring bond and resilience. Through personal grief and public service, President Biden has honored his son’s legacy, embodying the values of dedication, service, and love. As the family continues to navigate life’s challenges, they remain united in their commitment to each other and to the memory of those they have lost. Beau Biden’s legacy lives on through the actions and words of his father, reminding us all of the power of purpose in the face of profound loss.

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