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Alan Jackson is a well-known attorney who recently found himself in the spotlight for reasons beyond his courtroom performances. He is married to Lisa Kassabian, an LA County Deputy District Attorney. Jackson’s career has been …

Alan Jackson is a well-known attorney who recently found himself in the spotlight for reasons beyond his courtroom performances. He is married to Lisa Kassabian, an LA County Deputy District Attorney. Jackson’s career has been marked by high-profile cases, but recent events have cast a shadow over his professional and personal life.

What Happened in Los Angeles?

Jackson and his wife, Lisa Kassabian, were seen together in Los Angeles just hours after controversial images of Jackson with his client, Karen Read, surfaced. The couple was returning home after a gym session and picking up lunch. This sighting was notable as it occurred shortly after The Post published photos suggesting inappropriate behavior between Jackson and Read.

What Was the Controversial Image?

The image in question showed Jackson appearing to embrace Read from behind outside a Boston steakhouse. The iPhone Live photo, taken on June 27 outside Smith and Wollensky, depicted Jackson with his arms around Read’s midsection and chest, pulling her close and nuzzling his head against her shoulder. This behavior sparked significant debate regarding professional boundaries between attorneys and clients.

How Was the Image Verified?

The Post reviewed the metadata from the original photo, confirming its authenticity. Despite this, a source close to Read claimed the image was taken out of context, describing it as “goofing around” after a team dinner. This explanation was also reported by TMZ.

What Is Karen Read’s Legal Situation?

Karen Read is facing serious charges, accused of running over her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, and leaving him to die in a snowbank in 2022. Jackson is her defense attorney, arguing that Read is being framed by local cops. His defense was compelling enough to cause a mistrial, as the jury was deadlocked and could not reach a verdict.

How Did the Public React to the Photo?

The photo has sparked mixed reactions. Some people believe the interaction was innocent and taken out of context, while others argue that it was highly inappropriate for an attorney-client relationship, especially given the severity of the case.

What Were the Personal Implications for Jackson?

The incident has seemingly impacted Jackson’s personal life. During their outing, Kassabian was seen without her wedding ring and had a grim expression. This suggested that the recent events had strained their relationship. Jackson, who was seen with his wedding ring in court earlier in the week, kept his hands hidden during the outing.

How Did the Legal Community Respond?

The legal community is closely watching the situation, as it raises important questions about attorney-client conduct standards. Professional boundaries are crucial in maintaining trust and integrity in legal relationships, and this incident has brought these issues to the forefront.

What Is the Current Status of the Case?

As of now, neither Jackson nor Read has responded to requests for comment from The Post. The case continues to attract attention, both for the legal proceedings and the personal dynamics between Jackson and Read.

What Are the Broader Implications?

The ongoing situation has broader implications for both Jackson’s career and the legal profession. If the allegations of inappropriate behavior are substantiated, it could affect Jackson’s reputation and future in law. Additionally, it highlights the need for clear professional boundaries to be maintained in attorney-client relationships.

What’s Next for Alan Jackson?

Alan Jackson faces significant challenges both personally and professionally. His defense of Karen Read has been complicated by these allegations, and the public’s perception of him may influence his career moving forward. The legal ramifications of this incident will likely continue to unfold as more information becomes available.

How Can Attorneys Avoid Such Situations?

This incident underscores the importance of maintaining professional boundaries. Attorneys should always ensure their conduct is beyond reproach, especially when handling serious cases. Regular training on ethical standards and professional behavior can help prevent such situations.


Alan Jackson’s recent controversy has placed him under intense scrutiny. His interactions with client Karen Read have raised questions about professional conduct, affecting both his career and personal life. As the situation evolves, the legal community and the public will be watching closely to see how it unfolds.

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