Antoine Griezmann Wife, All The Information You Require About Antoine Griezmann Spouse

Antoine Griezmann, a world-renowned footballer, has made headlines for his exceptional performance on the pitch, especially during Euro 2016 and his tenure with Atletico Madrid. However, behind this football superstar is his wife, Erika Choperena, …

Antoine Griezmann, a world-renowned footballer, has made headlines for his exceptional performance on the pitch, especially during Euro 2016 and his tenure with Atletico Madrid. However, behind this football superstar is his wife, Erika Choperena, a Spanish child psychologist who prefers to stay away from the limelight. Here’s an in-depth look at Erika Choperena, her background, and her relationship with Antoine Griezmann.

Who is Erika Choperena?

Erika Choperena is a Spanish child psychologist who has successfully managed to maintain her privacy despite being married to one of the most famous footballers in the world. She was born and raised in Spain, where she pursued her education. Erika studied education in San Sebastian and later completed her studies to become a child psychologist. Her professional background reflects her dedication to helping children and her commitment to her career, which she continues to prioritize.

How Did Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann Meet?

The love story between Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann began in San Sebastian, where Griezmann was playing for Real Sociedad and Erika was studying. They met through mutual connections, and Griezmann admitted in his autobiography that he was smitten from the start. “For a year and a half, I sent her messages, I tried to seduce her. We have been together since December 27, 2011,” he wrote. Their relationship blossomed over time, leading to their marriage in 2017.

The Secret Wedding

Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann tied the knot on July 15, 2017, in a secret ceremony held at the 11th century Palacio de Galiana in Toledo. The couple managed to keep the event private, away from the prying eyes of the media. This preference for privacy has been a consistent theme in their relationship, with Erika often choosing to stay out of the public spotlight despite her husband’s fame.

Life Away from the Limelight

Erika Choperena’s preference for a low-profile life is evident in her actions. She once ran a beauty blog called Cordialmente Erika, but she had to deactivate it in 2014 after her relationship with Griezmann became public, leading to an overwhelming influx of visitors. Despite being married to a celebrity, Erika continues to focus on her career as a child psychologist and supports Griezmann from behind the scenes.

Family Life and Raising Bilingual Children

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Mia, in April 2016. Erika and Antoine have embraced their bilingual backgrounds, with Erika being Spanish and Antoine being French, and are raising Mia to be bilingual. This commitment to their cultural heritage is a significant aspect of their family life.

Supportive Yet Private

Erika Choperena is known for being a supportive partner. She was by Griezmann’s side during Euro 2016, where he emerged as the top scorer, and she accompanied him to the end-of-year gala where he was named the second-best player in Europe, runner-up to Cristiano Ronaldo. However, despite her support, Erika rarely attends Atletico Madrid games, preferring to avoid the paparazzi and maintain her privacy.

A Loving Gesture and a Fine

Griezmann’s affection for Erika has occasionally made its way into the public domain. In March 2017, he received a €500 fine from the Spanish football association after celebrating a goal by lifting his jersey to reveal a message saying “Feliz Cumple Gordita” (Happy Birthday Chubby), a loving nickname for Erika. This gesture, while penalized, highlighted the deep bond and affection he has for his wife.

Erika’s Role in Griezmann’s Career Decisions

As Griezmann’s career progressed, Erika continued to be a steadying force. When he joined Atletico Madrid in 2014, Erika moved with him, and she has supported his career moves ever since. With the arrival of Diego Costa at Atletico Madrid in January, there were speculations about Griezmann’s future at the club, with potential moves to top European clubs like Manchester United and Barcelona being discussed. Regardless of where Griezmann’s career takes him, Erika remains focused on her career and family, maintaining her preference for a life away from the media spotlight.


Erika Choperena’s relationship with Antoine Griezmann is a testament to the strength and stability that comes from mutual respect and shared values. While Griezmann continues to shine on the football field, Erika’s steadfast support and dedication to her career and family provide the foundation for their life together. Her ability to maintain privacy and focus on her professional aspirations, despite her husband’s high-profile career, speaks volumes about her character and the strong bond they share. As Griezmann’s journey in football continues, Erika Choperena will undoubtedly remain his quiet but powerful support system, contributing to their shared success both on and off the field.

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