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Adam Silver, the esteemed NBA Commissioner, is often in the limelight, but not many are aware of the strong support system behind him—his wife, Maggie Grise. Maggie is an accomplished interior designer and decorator, known …

Adam Silver, the esteemed NBA Commissioner, is often in the limelight, but not many are aware of the strong support system behind him—his wife, Maggie Grise. Maggie is an accomplished interior designer and decorator, known for her impeccable taste and creativity. She is the sister of Maureen Grise, who is married to Canadian actor Tom Cavanagh, famous for his roles in “Ed,” “Love Monkey,” and “Trust Me.” Maggie Grise’s life, though mostly private, is nothing short of a fairytale.

How Did Adam Silver and Maggie Grise Meet?

Adam Silver and Maggie Grise formed a solid bond in May 2014. Their relationship blossomed quickly, leading to an engagement and a subsequent marriage. Silver publicly expressed his deep affection for Maggie in an interview at the Time 100 Gala in 2015, revealing their plans to marry soon. He mentioned, “You asked me about love. I’m gonna get married in May. My fiancée and I would love to have a child. At least one, maybe more.” Silver’s admiration for Grise was evident as he described her support and the profound impact she had on his life.

When Did Adam Silver and Maggie Grise Get Married?

The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in May 2015, attended by close family members and friends. Despite the high-profile nature of Silver’s career, both he and Maggie have maintained a low profile, keeping their personal lives away from public scrutiny. Their marriage, characterized by mutual support and love, has been a cornerstone of Silver’s successful tenure as the NBA Commissioner.

Do Adam Silver and Maggie Grise Have Children?

Adam Silver and Maggie Grise are proud parents of two daughters. Their first daughter, Louise Burns Silver, was born in 2017, and their second daughter was born during the lockdown in 2020. The pandemic allowed Silver to spend valuable time with his family, a rare opportunity given his demanding career. Reflecting on this period, Silver shared, “My wife and I had a child in the middle of this, in mid-May, a new daughter. And that’s the time of year where I would have been on the road.” This period of family bonding was significant for Silver, who dedicated himself to providing the best care for his newborn.

How Do Adam Silver and Maggie Grise Maintain Their Relationship?

Adam Silver and Maggie Grise’s relationship thrives on mutual respect and love. They often express their affection for each other through acts of care and support. During an appearance on the Renaissance Man podcast, Silver revealed that Maggie shaved his head during the pandemic, humorously noting, “It doesn’t grow that fast anymore. My personal barber has been my wife these days. I’m not going to show you some of the little marks on the back of my head, but about once a week.” This anecdote highlights the intimate and supportive nature of their relationship.

What Are Maggie Grise’s Contributions to Social Issues?

Beyond her role as a supportive spouse, Maggie Grise is actively involved in various social issues. She is a vocal advocate for women’s rights and environmental sustainability. Grise often shares statements from her husband and engages in charity work. She recently promoted the Weather Report by the UN Climate Change official handle and has publicly supported women’s reproductive rights. Her commitment to social causes underscores her dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

Is Maggie Grise Active in Politics?

Maggie Grise occasionally shares her political views and promotes content related to political issues. Despite her involvement in high-profile circles, she prefers to keep a low public profile, focusing on her family and philanthropic endeavors. Grise’s ability to manage her family and support Silver in his career is commendable, contributing significantly to his professional achievements.

How Has Maggie Grise Influenced Adam Silver’s Career?

Since marrying Maggie Grise, Adam Silver has reached new heights in his career. He has been named to the top spot on Sports Business Journal’s list of 50 Most Influential People and has been included in Time’s 100 Most Influential People and Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders in 2015. Grise’s unwavering support and love have been instrumental in Silver’s success, providing him with the stability and encouragement needed to excel in his role as NBA Commissioner.


Maggie Grise, the wife of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, is a remarkable woman who has significantly influenced Silver’s life and career. Their relationship, built on mutual love and respect, has been a source of strength for Silver as he navigates the demanding world of professional sports. Grise’s commitment to social issues and her role as a supportive spouse highlight her multifaceted contributions to their partnership. As Silver continues to achieve professional milestones, the influence of Maggie Grise remains a constant, driving force behind his success.

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